10 Hidden Gems of Ghent: A Journey of Discovery

10 Hidden Gems of Ghent: A Journey of Discovery


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Ghent is a charming, culturally rich city located in the centre of Belgium. Ghent, which is tucked away among the banks of scenic rivers, invites visitors to go on an exciting and adventurous journey. Discover the myriad of activities that Ghent has to offer, ranging from exquisite cuisine to stunning mediaeval architecture. Come along as we reveal the top ten adventures in Ghent, guaranteed to leave you with priceless memories.

Explore the Majestic Gravensteen Castle

Embrace the historic corridors and imposing ramparts of Gravensteen Castle to experience a step back in time. This mediaeval stronghold, perched atop a hill overlooking the city, provides insight into the rich past and culture of Ghent. Admire the striking architecture, ascend the curved stairways, and take in the expansive views of the city below. History lovers and explorers alike should not miss Gravensteen Castle with its legendary heritage and stunning views.

Cruise Along the Picturesque Canals

Take a leisurely canal cruise and lose yourself in the peaceful beauty of Ghent’s canals. Cruise by charming bridges, old buildings, and verdant landscapes as you take in the captivating atmosphere of the city from a different angle. A canal tour, whether by day or by night, provides a tranquil diversion from the rush of city life, enabling you to relax and experience Ghent’s ageless appeal.

Indulge in Culinary Delights at Patershol

Discover Patershol, a secret gastronomic gem in the centre of the city, which is just waiting to be discovered. Explore the quaint bistros, cafes, and restaurants lining the narrow cobblestone streets; each serves a mouthwatering selection of Belgian specialties. Ghent’s vibrant culinary scene promises a memorable gastronomic tour through Patershol, a food lover’s heaven offering everything from rich stews and delicious seafood to luscious chocolates and waffles.

Marvel at the Beauty of Saint Bavo’s Cathedral

Breathe in the breathtaking architectural design of Saint Bavo’s Cathedral, a magnificent work of art that has withstood the test of time. Enter to find a wealth of historical and artistic treasures, including the internationally known Ghent Altarpiece created by the Van Eyck brothers. Immerse yourself in the spiritual and cultural legacy of Ghent as you gaze in wonder at the elaborate stained glass windows, lofty spires, and luxurious chapels that adorn this famous landmark.

10 Hidden Gems of Ghent: A Journey of Discovery

Wander Through the Lush Botanical Gardens

Explore the serene Ghent Botanical Gardens as you get away from the bustle of the city. Wander along meandering walks, past colourful flowerbeds, placid ponds, and majestic trees, where every turn unveils a fresh natural marvel. Experience the beauty of seasonal blossoms, learn about exotic plants from around the globe, and find comfort in this peaceful haven of greenery.

Delve into Art and Culture at the Museum of Fine Arts

Visit the Museum of Fine Arts to fully immerse yourself in the world of art and culture. This institution is home to an impressive collection of masterpieces that span centuries of artistic expression. With artwork ranging from Flemish primitives to modern pieces, the museum highlights Ghent’s abundant creative legacy and beyond. Enjoy the splendour of sculptures, paintings, and decorative arts while learning about the city’s rich cultural diversity.

Experience the Vibrant Energy of Ghent’s Markets

Bask in the energetic ambiance of Ghent’s markets, where colourful merchants, busy people, and enticing scents create a sensory extravaganza for the senses. Discover the renowned Ghent Flower Market, where vivid flowers and aromatic blossoms envelop the senses with their alluring aroma. Visit the colourful Friday Market, where the spirit of community and business meet in a dynamic celebration of Ghent’s rich culture, to sample local vegetables, handmade goods, and gastronomic pleasures.

Discover Hidden Treasures in Ghent’s Street Art Scene

Relish the lesser-known corners of Ghent’s thriving street art scene to find its hidden gems. Explore vibrant alleys and secret courtyards where walls are covered in eye-catching murals and graffiti pieces that each tell a different tale of artistic expression and ingenuity. Ghent’s street art invites you to explore and uncover the city’s creative soul. It features everything from playful designs to thought-provoking communications.

Unwind Amidst Nature at Citadel Park

Retire to the peace and quiet of Citadel Park and forget about the bustle of the city. Enjoy the beauty of flowering gardens and peaceful ponds by spreading a picnic blanket on verdant lawns and taking a leisurely stroll along leafy pathways. Citadel Park is the ideal escape from city life, providing you with the opportunity to re-establish a quiet connection with the natural world and rejuvenate in the tranquil environs of Ghent.

Soak in the Atmosphere of Korenmarkt Square

Take in the lively atmosphere of Korenmarkt Square, the beating hub of Ghent’s old district. Korenmarkt Square is surrounded by famous sites, bustling cafes, and buildings that date back hundreds of years. It has an allure that is hard to resist. Enjoy the essence of Ghent’s active energy by relaxing with a delicious drink on a sidewalk terrace, taking in the lively environment, and watching the world go by.

Let every experience you have as you go out on a voyage of discovery through the mesmerising landscapes and dynamic culture of Ghent fuel your sense of wonder and exploration. Ghent has a tapestry of experiences just waiting to be discovered and treasured, from street art to floral gardens, from mediaeval castles to culinary delights. So gather your belongings, put on your shoes, and get ready to set off on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure through the centre of the charming city of Belgium. Let the adventures begin – Ghent is waiting!


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