Universal Health Insurance
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A NEED TO KNOW: List of Countries With Universal Health Insurance Plans

Universal health care, often known as government-guaranteed health care for all people of a nation, is a good idea that has been applied in various ways. These initiatives have one thing in common: they are all government initiatives meant to establish minimum standards and provide broader access to healthcare. Most use taxation, regulation, and legislation to achieve universal health care.
What care must be given, to whom, and under what circumstances are specified by law and regulation?

Algeria has a public healthcare system and a universal healthcare system. The population is treated by clinics, hospitals, and dispensaries, with health services funded by the Social Security system. However, as the rates the Social Security system pays have not changed since 1987, many people still have to pay a portion of their medical expenses. Taxpayer-funded health services are generally available to the impoverished, and wealthier people pay for care slidingly.

Botswana created a public health centre system that provides free healthcare, with the government managing 98% of the nation’s healthcare institutions.

Burkina Faso offers citizens access to universal healthcare through a system known as Universal Health Insurance (AMU), which is run by two organisations: the civilian administration and the military administration.

Mauritius– The Mauritius government runs a network of hospitals where residents can receive free medical care.

Morocco lacks universal access to healthcare. The system it is creating is expected to serve the entire population by the end of 2022. Eighty-five percent of hospital beds in the nation are part of the government-run public health system, which mostly serves underprivileged and rural people who cannot afford private healthcare.

Rwanda manages a community-based insurance programme called Mutuelle de Santé (Mutual Health), administered by the Ministry of Health. Individuals contribute according to their income level to local health insurance funds; the wealthiest are required to pay a portion of their medical expenses and pay the highest premiums, while those with the lowest incomes are exempt from paying premiums and can still use the services of their local health fund.

The Seychelles government runs a network of hospitals where residents can receive free medical care.

Tunisia under the National Health Insurance Fund (Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Maladie) manages a public healthcare system. The lowest-income individuals can qualify for a co-pay exemption, but all Tunisian nationals and residents can obtain care in state-run hospitals and clinics for a very low co-pay.

The majority of residents in almost all European countries have access to healthcare. In addition to government regulation and subsidies for those who cannot pay health insurance premiums, the majority of European countries have systems of competing commercial health insurance companies. Austria, Belarus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Russian Federation, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom are among the nations that provide universal healthcare.

This can also be said of all Asian Countries. 90% of them run the Universal Healthcare system, where the country has several government-owned hospitals and about 63% are privately owned

Barbados, Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, and Trinidad & Tobago offer some form of universal health coverage. Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile all provide universal health coverage.

Both New Zealand and Australia offer universal health care. In both countries, hospitalisation is free for long-term residents. Furthermore, primary care coverage is provided in Australia, whereas general practice and prescription drugs are solely supported in New Zealand.

Here is to read more extensively on these countries. But the above has entirely done many of the basic things to know in your journeys.


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