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All Fun, No Barrier: 10 Countries With Cheapest YouTube Premium Plans

In a world where digital entertainment has permeated every aspect of life, people are still quite interested in learning how much it costs to access premium content. Customers always seek ways to maximise their entertainment expenses as streaming providers keep adding new features to their lineup. While searching, the question of which nation has the most affordable YouTube Premium plan costs emerges.

The price of YouTube Premium appears to differ dramatically between countries for three reasons. The first and most evident is that the service you are paying for is distinct from that of your international peers. Every country has different content available due to different rules and regulations regarding licensing and other matters. For instance, a sporting event that is available on YouTube in one nation might not be in another because of copyright concerns. This also applies to films and TV series.


Lastly, and maybe most cynically, YouTube charges you what it believes you will pay. At YouTube HQ, teams of financial analysts and marketing specialists will be specially tasked with analysing each country’s spending power and service demand before crunching the statistics to determine what plan price will maximise revenue. This is not a charity; financial gain will be the primary motivator.

Exchange rates also come into play because of the nature of our comparison. While this may seem like a small detail, the international economy’s volatility can be better understood by changing each nation’s subscription fee into US dollars. When you consider this, it isn’t as shocking that Argentina is ranked first. The cost of products and services in US dollars has been decreasing month after month, despite the fact that residents may perceive price increases due to the country’s above 200% inflation in 2023.

Here Are The Countries With The Best yet Cheapest YouTube Plans


The country with the lowest price for YouTube Premium is India, which tops the list for both individual and family plans. With a competitive market and a growing number of internet users, YouTube Premium is affordable for many, costing far less than in other nations.


Not far behind, Turkey also provides YouTube Premium at a price that will appeal to users on a tight budget. It is a remarkable choice for those wishing to access the platform’s premium services because of the competitive cost in Turkey.


Coming in third, Argentina offers yet another affordable choice for those looking for YouTube Premium. Due to its distinct economic conditions and market dynamics, Argentina provides customers with a discounted fee for premium content.


Notably, Ukraine is included in the individual and family plans lists. The affordability of the nation in this area demonstrates the variety of price tactics that YouTube Premium has implemented in response to regional market realities.

The Philippines

The Philippines completes the list of nations where YouTube Premium is reasonably priced. This option has a rising user base in the area and is expected to become popular among Filipino subscribers.

On the other hand, one of YouTube’s biggest markets, the United States, charges $13.99 a month for the individual YouTube Premium subscription. This pricing point highlights the significant discounts that customers in the previously named nations can obtain.


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