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Barcelona: 8 Apps To Help You Explore The Best Of This Vibrant City


  • 5,712,000
  • 101.9 km²

With stunning architecture, vibrant street art, colourful markets and delicious tapas, Barcelona is a feast for the senses. But it also means you’re spoilt for choice. If you’re wondering how and where to start exploring the city, there are a host of apps that will ensure you make the best of everything the city has to offer.

Here’s the list: 


Noticed by Locals
Searching for advice from locals on Barcelona’s best-kept secrets? Get Spotted by Locals here. Users of this app suggest eateries, museums, bookstores, and tourist-friendly activities in the city that you should not miss. An additional programme feature allows you to utilise the map with recommendations even when you are not online. It’s a free app for both android and iOS.

Use this app to discover destinations, get offline maps, metro network maps and schedules, useful city information, and more. Over a thousand information cards can be found in the app. They are accessible in German, Italian, French, Spanish, and English.

You can use this app as your official restaurant guide in Barcelona. It provides you with a list of more than 170 businesses, and you may select restaurants according to several factors like location, cuisine, and pricing.
Glovo is the place to go if you live in an apartment and would want takeaway and groceries delivered right to your door. For a little fee, they offer bike messengers who will carry groceries, meals, toiletries, and other items right to your home.

You can use this app to stay informed about upcoming local events and concerts in Barcelona. The app has all the necessary details about the events, including the location, schedule, and more. You can also purchase tickets there. Moreover, GetYourGuide offers directions to the locations of the events.
The Fork
TripAdvisor reviews are displayed on a restaurant app. It offers several categories, like price, cuisine, and distance, to make finding and selecting restaurants easier. Additionally, you can book a table straight from the app.
Miniguide Barcelona
You can find all the newest, exciting activities in Barcelona with Miniguide. It includes topics including movies, music, nightlife, shopping, dining establishments, museums, and more. Each suggestion is carefully chosen by residents who adore

TMB Application
For all of your questions and needs regarding transit in Barcelona, use the TMB App. It will assist you in choosing the best mode of transportation, planning your itinerary, estimating travel time, estimating station wait time, and more. The software gives you a helpful but approachable experience with push notifications and audio alerts. In order to receive recommendations that are more relevant to your needs, you can also choose for personalised services by linking your social network accounts and entering information about your preferred routes.

At No cost stall are these apps both on Android and iOS. They help you navigate your way throughout your stay in Barcelona. Easy does it with these apps. Lots of enjoyment at the same time.


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