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Bhutan: Travel Insurance No More A Necessity For Visa


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By eliminating the requirement for travel insurance, Bhutan is enticing visitors to travel even more. This expedites the visa application process and frees up tourists to focus on exploring Bhutan’s breathtaking natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Wonderful news for travellers! Bhutan, also known as the “Land of the Thunder Dragon,” recently eliminated the necessity for tourists to obtain travel insurance. This initiative would ease the visa application process and attract more tourists interested in the nation’s stunning scenery, lively culture, and unique heritage.

Insurance in Bhutan

Due to the unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 epidemic, health insurance was previously mandatory. However, given the better conditions, Bhutan’s Department of Tourism has decided to waive this rule.

Bhutan: A mosaic showing the words 'travel insurance

Why Passengers Should Care About This

This change will make it easier for Foreigners to apply for visas, saving them time and effort. The Department of Tourism nevertheless recommends obtaining insurance as a precautionary step even if mandatory insurance is no longer required. This might provide crucial financial stability in the event that you have unanticipated health issues while abroad.

Encouraging More Travellers to Experience Bhutan’s Unparalleled Culture, Landscapes, and Legacy: By eliminating the Need for Travel Insurance, Bhutan seeks to simplify the application process and attract more visitors.

This development demonstrates Bhutan’s commitment to providing friendly, hassle-free travel while taking the necessary safety and well-being safeguards.

Indian Passport Holders: Unauthorised Travel Passengers holding Indian passports are allowed admission into Bhutan without a visa due to the close diplomatic ties between Bhutan and India. Despite being one of the few nations bordering India, Bhutan has positive relations with its neighbours.

Indian Entry Permit Procedure

Passengers with Indian passports need to get a seven-day entry permit from the Immigration Office in Phuentsholing in order to access the road. This authorization is necessary for each checkpoint. To extend your stay beyond seven days, visit the immigration office in Thimphu. This streamlined process ensures a hassle-free stay while adhering to immigration requirements.

Issue of Admission Permit

It’s important to note that the Bhutan Immigration Department offers free entry permits to Indian nationals, making travel to this stunning Himalayan nation even more accessible.

With these improvements, Bhutan is able to maintain its position as a top tourism destination for people looking for uncommon experiences among stunning scenery and a rich cultural legacy.


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