Qatar VS United Arab Emirates
Mabel Fatokun

Clear The Confusion: Qatar VS United Arab Emirates

Saudi Arabia is bordered by Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, both of which are in the Persian Gulf. They both have nearly completely desolate desert environments, with the exception of their vibrant cities, which are home to several contemporary skyscrapers. With the exception of dates, not many crops are grown in these hot, dry nations. Their topography is generally flat, with the most of their property being along the coast.

Their cultures are strikingly alike, if not identical. Both nations’ native tongues are Arabic, but because so many people have immigrated there, English is also extensively spoken there. Previously, Britain also maintained protectorates over Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Their population is Sunni Muslim in the great majority.

Qatar VS United Arab Emirates

They also have almost the same cuisine. In addition to consuming a lot of fruits and grains like bread and rice, both nations have a preference for eating chicken. The most popular sports in these nations are football and cricket, which are a result of immigration from the Indian subcontinent. Another distinction is that, although neither nation has had great success in the Olympics, Qatar has taken home the majority of its medals in athletics, while the UAE has only two each in shooting and judo.

There are much more men than women in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates because of the significant quantity of building in these nations, which attracts a big number of male immigrants seeking employment. Because of this, the proportion of elderly individuals in their populations is quite low. In both countries, the majority of individuals work in the service industry, accounting for over 90% of employed men. In addition to being extremely wealthy, these nations have a greater than usual number of millionaires residing there.

Due in great part to their substantial oil and gas reserves, both nations enjoy high standards of living. In Qatar and the UAE, almost all people have access to water and power. Natural gas is used as fuel in the majority of these nations’ power plants. Their water supplies are limited, though. Both nations rely on desalinating seawater and groundwater. Their standards for technology are also comparable. Both nations drive on the right side of the road, utilise standard gauge railway tracks and have Type G outlets. In addition to having more guns per person than most other nations, each of these nations spend a disproportionately large sum of money on their armed forces.

The governments of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are comparable in another aspect. Both nations are monarchy. The UAE, on the other hand, is a little unusual because it is a federation of seven distinct sheikhdoms. Although both of these nations are constitutional monarchies by legal definition, very few people are able to vote in them, and in reality, they are governed more like absolute monarchies. There is a lot of media and internet censorship.

These nations forbid prostitution, alcohol usage, gambling, abortion, and pornography because of their strict Muslim cultures. While polygamy is permitted, same-sex partnerships are illegal. Members of the Gulf Cooperation Council are both nations. Their citizens are free to travel and operate together without the need for a visa. Although these nations do not share a common currency, they are both rigidly tied to the US dollar. Remarkably, the United Arab Emirates severed diplomatic ties with Qatar in 2017, only to reestablish them later.

In the past, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates were a part of the same nation. They were a part of the Emirate of Nejd as recently as the 19th century. Following the British decision to withdraw from Qatar and the Trucial States, these nations intended to merge into a one entity consisting of nine sheikdoms. Nonetheless, minor differences resulted in Qatar’s independence from the United Arab Emirates.


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