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European Volunteers: Here Comes The Opportunity To Intern And Support Others Through Caritas

Do you wish to aid underprivileged non-European places by applying your skills and experiences? Become a volunteer with Caritas through the EVOCA (European Volunteers for Caritas) programme and assist one of the international branches of Caritas Czech Republic in Iraq, Georgia, Mongolia, or Zambia. You will experience adventure, learn a great deal about life in a different part of the world, and accumulate invaluable experience. Young individuals from all around Europe who wish to participate in development cooperation and humanitarian relief while gaining new professional experience are welcome to apply for the project.

Volunteering and internships provide a wealth of chances to gain experience working in our organisation and participating in humanitarian relief and development partnership initiatives. Anyone interested in collaborating with us to support individuals in underprivileged areas is welcome. Depending on the precise concentration of their studies, students and recent graduates can intern with us, and international applicants can do so through the Erasmus+ programme. There is no stigma associated with professionals who choose to change careers or donate their experience to a worthy cause.


We have the European Solidarity Corps program’s Quality Label certification for humanitarian fields and are recognised by the Ministry of the Interior for our volunteer work.

Applying through Caritas Czech Republic, volunteers can go to Georgia, Iraq, Mongolia, and Zambia.The volunteer course lasts between nine and ten months. We are now in need of volunteers in the following areas: project management, finance, administration, public relations, and environmental protection.Opportunities are searchable on the European Youth Portal website.

Those between the ages of 18 and 35 who are citizens of an EU member state or reside legally in one of the program’s partner nations (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Turkey, or the Republic of North Macedonia) and have registered on the European Solidarity Corps portal are eligible to volunteer. Additionally, as English will be the primary medium of communication during their visit, they must be able to speak in it. While not necessary, knowing the official language of the nation or another language is advantageous.

Your travel and lodging costs will be covered by the initiative, and you’ll also get a stipend for food and a modest amount for personal needs. Additional insurance and access to a range of support services, including training and language assistance, are also included. These expenses might also be covered if you have particular requirements (such a disability).

For whom is the internship intended?
Applying is open to everyone who can work at least 20 hours a week for three to six months as a member of our team. Aside from students, enthusiasts may also apply if they truly want to work as volunteers in a nonprofit organisation that does development and humanitarian tasks.

What abilities ought you to possess?
Since we are a multinational organisation, applicants for the internship should have outstanding communication skills and a solid command of the English language. Proficiency in Microsoft Office is also necessary. Additional experience, such as using word processing software or particular apps, can be needed depending on the topic of the internship.

How may my volunteer work benefit me?
Depending on the nature of the activity, volunteer work allows for both short- and long-term involvement in our department (e.g. language translation, creation of graphics, participation at booths, etc.). Specifically, punctuality and the capacity to fulfil commitments are necessary.

In exchange, what can we do for you?
the chance to work with an amazing group of gregarious and passionate individuals, expand your knowledge base under the direction of seasoned experts, pick up new skills, network, and possibly even establish long-term potential collaboration. A certificate of completion for your internship, volunteer work, or other recommendation will be gladly provided by us.

Opportunities exist in the following areas if interested:

Internship in development and humanitarian aid projects

Communication internship

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning & Scale-up Strategy Unit Internship

Volunteer work in translating

Lots of testimonies of volunteers who enjoyed their 6months abroad helping humanity and at the same time enjoying some good life. Here’s one below:

Giulia Bellabarba is a Master’s student in International Relations. She spent five months at Caritas Czech Republic as an intern in the Humanitarian Aid and Development Cooperation department. Giulia helped the communications team write articles, worked on newsletters and administrative tasks.

I’m an international relations master’s student, and at the start of my second year, I felt the need to combine my academics with some real-world experience, so I started looking for an internship. I have always been interested in working for non-profit organisations, which is why I picked Caritas Czech Republic. By coincidence, I was suggested to Caritas Czech Republic by a friend who had interned there earlier and had a positive experience. My preference for the internship was the communication team internship as I’ve always enjoyed writing.

What I was most appreciative of was my team’s support. I’ve completed a few internships before, but this one felt more worthwhile because everyone there was eager to share their knowledge and patiently explain everything. As a result, I felt like I learned new skills and experience.The ease with which I could work and integrate at Caritas, Czech Republic, even though I don’t understand Czech, astounded me. Even in bigger groups, everyone communicated with me in English. I was concerned that the language barrier might be a hurdle while I was looking for an internship, but at Caritas Czech Republic, I had no trouble at all.

I would really like to work for an NGO in the future. My internship at Caritas Czech Republic was really beneficial in this regard.I picked some valuable knowledge about these businesses’ operations as well as critical abilities. Because I had to balance my education and internship, I also improved my time management skills.


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