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Fitur 2024: A Travel Trade Show In Madrid


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The Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) is exhibiting at Fitur 2024, a prestigious travel trade show in Madrid, Spain, with 22 industry partners. The event, which will take place from 24 to 28 January, is part of the Maldives’ strategic endeavours to fortify its brand and forge strong ties with travel agencies from the region’s top markets.

Fitur 2024 provides a platform for industry partners to exhibit their distinctive goods, services, and experiences to a large audience. It is a major event for tourism experts and the incoming and outbound markets in Ibero-America. According to the PR company, the involvement is consistent with MMPRC’s strategy to build strong ties with travel agencies from major regional markets and enhance the Maldives brand.

The Maldives’ stand at Fitur 2024 showcases its diverse experiences in luxury, romance, adventure, surf, and cultural tourism through visuals and videos on LED screens, providing attendees with a glimpse into the destination’s unique nature.

Spain ranked tenth among the top Maldivian sourcing markets in 2023. The Maldives’ burgeoning tourism industry greatly benefited from Spain’s pre-pandemic arrival numbers, which were attained last year. Fitur 2024 is a significant event for the Maldives, and participation in it will help the country keep up the momentum from the previous year, according to the state-owned enterprise.

Fitur 2024

Additionally, the Maldives has started an initiative to boost Chinese tourism. Compared to the overall number of tourist arrivals in 2023 of 1,878,537, the country hopes to draw in over two million visitors in 2024.

For many years, the Maldives has been a popular travel destination for people from Europe, especially in the winter when the continent is experiencing bitter cold and festive moods. The nation serves two purposes by strategically participating in events like Fitur 2024, which draws travel brokers and tourism professionals from all over Europe. It strengthens the Maldives’ reputation and cultivates strong ties with key markets in the area.


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