Embrace This Enchanting Island Life Of Cabo Verde
Mabel Fatokun

Formerly Cape Verde: Embrace This Enchanting Island Life Of Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde

  • 602,889
  • 4,033 km²
Cabo Verde

On October 24, 2013, the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Cabo Verde changed its official name from The Republic of Cape Verde in a request to the Secretary-General.

Situated around 700 kilometres west of Africa (Mauritania), in the middle Atlantic Ocean, is a small group of ten islands known as Cape Verde. They speak Portuguese and Creole, the native tongue, because it was formerly a Portuguese colony.

With a unique specialisation on each island, Cape Verde is incredibly diversified.
The fact that this is the most visited island contributes to the ease of finding employment there. It is home to numerous foreigners and business owners.
Sal is a little, compact island with lovely, long, white beaches and crystal-clear blue water. One main street has live music venues and bars.

Every island has a different cuisine. Sal is a fairly touristic area, hence there are many different kinds of eateries.

Embrace This Enchanting Island Life Of Cabo Verde

Since everything in Sal must be imported, prices are somewhat higher than on the other islands. Because Sal is a volcanic region and it (almost) never rains, the soil is rich in nutrients for the residents.
Numerous initiatives are underway to cultivate fruits and vegetables for the local population on this bountiful area. They consume a lot of seafood, beans, and poultry.

In contrast to Sal, other islands, such as Santiago, the “capital island,” are considerably greener.
This implies that they can cultivate bananas, cassava, mangos, and other crops. Compared to Sal, a lot more fruits and vegetables are cooked here.

Cape Verde’s Cultural and Lifestyle Benefits Existing
Beyond its stunning beaches and climate, Cape Verde offers a kind, inviting people and a diverse range of cultural experiences. It is feasible to live well without going broke because the cost of living is far cheaper here than it is in many Western nations.
For those who enjoy eating, the seafood in particular is delicious. Additionally, Cape Verde has strong internet connectivity despite its isolated position, so your work won’t be interrupted.

Safety and Health: A Top Concern In Cape Verde
Your health and safety are of utmost importance in Cape Verde. Even though the island offers a generally safe environment for nomads, having full coverage for health insurance is still essential. Although small, the local healthcare system can handle basic medical needs; for more complicated difficulties, appropriate insurance coverage is necessary.

Perks Of Visiting Cape Verde

One benefit is that the locals are quite pleasant, gregarious, and accommodating.

This is known by some as “The Morabeza,” which is essentially equivalent to “aloha.” There’s no single term that adequately captures the essence of it; it has to do with their friendliness, kindness, and more compassionate outlook on life. As you can see, this is the name of many restaurants.
You won’t have any trouble gaining friends because of “Morabeza,” which makes everyone want to be your friend.
While many people understand Portuguese and some even speak Spanish, the majority of people speak English.

The weather is fantastic all year round! One reason the locals are often pleased is that it’s sunny!
You can see that Cape Verdian culture places a high value on dance, music, and culture on the streets. The thing about Cape Verde that I adore the most is this!
The fact that Cape Verde is a safe place is another benefit.


Many individuals mistakenly believe that Cape Verde is dangerous. I disagree, having lived here for more than 5 years without any negative encounters. It is important to mention that I have never gone for a late-night stroll alone in the backstreets.

Numerous unfounded rumours from large corporations advise travellers to exercise caution and reserve excursions through certain companies. It’s unfortunate, in my opinion, that local business owners and retailers aren’t able to take full advantage of tourists.

Additionally, did you know that this is one of the world’s largest destinations for surfers and other water sportsmen?
Numerous championships are under progress, particularly in Sal. October through April are the most popular months for this because of the strong winds. This is the place to be if you are an enthusiast for those sports!


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