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From Waffles to Wit: An Expat Life in Belgium


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The centre of Europe, Belgium, is enticed with its rich culture, delicious chocolates, and mediaeval charm. However, beyond the tourist façade, there is a thriving expat community, each with a unique tale to share. We explore the fascinating world of living abroad in Belgium today, providing an insight into the pleasures, difficulties, and surprising pleasures of relocating to this fascinating country. Belgium provides visitors from other countries with a singular and fascinating experience with its alluring culture, delicious food, and active expat community. Even if living as an expat in Belgium has its obstacles, the benefits of developing yourself, experiencing a new culture, and making lifelong memories make it an incredible journey. So be ready for your Belgian adventure, embrace the unknown, and load up your luggage.

The Beauty of Belgium‘s Languages and Cultures:

Belgium boasts three official languages: Dutch (Flemish), French, and German. This multilingual environment can be initially daunting for foreigners. However, embracing language learning unlocks communication and fosters deeper connections with locals. Many expats pick up basic phrases in Dutch or French, adding a layer of cultural understanding to their daily lives.

Chocolates And The Culinary Delights

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Belgian cuisine goes far beyond the world-famous chocolates. From hearty stews like “Carbonade Flamande” to the delicate seafood dishes of the coast, there’s a culinary adventure waiting around every corner. Venture beyond Brussels and explore the unique regional specialties, from the “Liège waffles” of Wallonia to the “mosselen” (mussels) of Antwerp.

Finding Your Tribe: The Expat Community:

Belgium is home to a flourishing expat community that provides an invaluable network of support. Make ties with coworkers, go to expat meetups, or participate in online forums; these relationships can help with the adjustment and give a feeling of community. Seize the chance to form friendships with individuals from all backgrounds, which will broaden your perspective on the world.

The Bureaucracy Maze: Navigating Permits and Paperwork:

Obtaining residency permits, registering with local authorities, and navigating the healthcare system can be a bureaucratic maze for newcomers. Don’t be discouraged! Research visa requirements beforehand, enlist the help of relocation specialists, and tap into the knowledge of experienced expats. Remember, patience and perseverance are key to navigating the initial paperwork hurdles.

The Art of Living Slowly: Embracing the Belgian Pace:

Belgium offers a welcome respite from the fast-paced world. Sundays are sacred, with many shops closed, encouraging families and friends to connect over leisurely meals or strolls through charming town squares. Embrace the “joie de vivre” (joy of living) that permeates Belgian culture, savour your coffee breaks, and enjoy the slower pace of life.

Belgium’s rich history is evident in its charming medieval towns, magnificent castles, and world-class museums.

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Come out of Brussels sometimes to discover the mediaeval canals of Bruges, the cobblestone alleyways of Ghent, or the architectural treasures of Antwerp. Explore Belgium’s countless possibilities with weekend trips to quaint villages tucked away in the rolling hills or a cultural immersion in the energetic student city of Leuven.

From Festivals to Football

Belgium comes alive during its numerous festivals. Witness the vibrant Carnival celebrations in Binche, the awe-inspiring flower carpets in Brussels, or the electrifying Tomorrowland music festival. Football (soccer) is a national passion, so don the red jersey of the Belgian national team and cheer alongside enthusiastic fans. Participating in these cultural events provides a window into the soul of Belgium.

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Challenges and Unexpected Delights:

Adapting to a new culture can be challenging. Missing loved ones, navigating language barriers, and adjusting to different social norms are inevitable hurdles. However, these challenges are often outweighed by the unexpected delights. Discovering hidden cafes, forming friendships with warm-hearted locals, and witnessing breathtaking landscapes – these are the unexpected joys that make expat life in Belgium truly rewarding.

Life as an Expat:

Living abroad is a transformative journey. It pushes you outside your comfort zone, fosters independence, and broadens your worldview. You’ll learn to navigate new systems, appreciate different perspectives, and discover a hidden resilience within yourself. Becoming an expat in Belgium is not just about a change of scenery; it’s a chance to grow, learn, and create lasting memories.

Here are some tips to make your Belgian expat experience enriching:

  • Learn the Basics of Dutch or French: This goes a long way in daily interactions and demonstrates respect for local culture.
  • Embrace the Cycling Culture: Belgium is a cycling paradise. Invest in a bike and explore the charming towns and scenic countryside at your own pace.
  • Join Local Clubs or Activities: Joining local activities, whether a book club, a sports team, or a cooking class, is a fantastic way to meet people and integrate into the community.
  • Travel and Explore: Belgium offers a wealth of historical and natural beauty within easy reach. Explore neighbouring European countries, soaking up the diverse cultures and landscapes that Europe has to offer.


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