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Get Your Binoculars And Check Out These New Safari Lodges

Winter safaris receive a lot of attention, yet even in ideal weather, the most knowledgeable guides will tell you that summer is the best season to see big cats: when animals are compelled to find water in artificial lakes when lush vegetation starts to lose its shine. Fortunately for you, a number of new safari lodges have opened in the past year in India. Some of them have open-air decks where guests may observe animals before boarding a vehicle, and others have private plunge pools. Put on your binoculars and make a reservation.

Bookmark Resorts, Jogi Mahal, Ranthambore

Located in Khilchipur village in Ranthambore, Jogi Mahal is a brand-new 40-key boutique hotel by Bookmark Resorts, named after the former hunting palace of the Maharaja of Jaipur. A life-sized mural of the palace awaits you in the lobby, and the resort attempts to reproduce the lifestyles of the former maharajas, even if the genuine Jogi Mahal in the forest is regrettably off-limits. The building’s architecture is a fusion of Rajasthani and other elements, including jharokhas, arches, and a stepwell or baoli that leads to a sizable swimming pool.

Chunda Shikar Oudi

Situated near a man-made lake and encircled by 150 hectares of forested land, Chunda Shikar Oudi was formerly the exclusive hunting lodge for the Bathera jagirdars until 1972, when hunting was outlawed by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Since then, it has been rewilded, turning it into a haven for birdwatchers and a leopard habitat. There are two structures on the property. After restoration, the two-story, two-bedroom building is now a private retreat inside a retreat, complete with lots of terraces, an outdoor jacuzzi, a winter fireplace, and a private plunge pool.

TUTC Sawai Shivir, Ranthambore

The newest property for the ten-year-old TUTC glamping brand is Sawai Shivir in Ranthambore. The 16-acre campsite is located ten minutes from Sherpur Gate, which opens to zones 1 through 5, amid farmlands and verdant wheat fields. The camp features nine luxurious suite tents, one presidential suite tent, and spacious, luxurious bedrooms with heaters and air conditioning.

Taj Sawai, Ranthambore

About ten minutes’ drive from Ranthambore National Park, in the village of Khilchipur, lies this recently opened hotel with 56 rooms and 4 suites. A cool pavilion with a marble floor and two lily ponds on either side greets visitors. Once inside, you may take advantage of the award-winning J Wellness facility spa, an outdoor pool, and a yoga and fitness facility. While some rooms have plunge pools, private balconies, open-sky showers, and Jacuzzis, others have large living areas with intricate architectural elements like hand-carved wood and brushed bronze accents.

Trees N Tigers, Tadoba

Take longer naps while on your safari vacation. Situated only fifteen minutes from Tadoba National Park’s entrance, Trees N Tigers provides a comfortable and warm retreat to unwind at following an exhausting day of wildlife observation. With each safari tent opening up to a sun terrace and a private pool, the 12 tents are situated by the Uma River between rice fields and mango trees.

Tipai – Wildlife Luxuries, Tipeshwar

Privacy is a given at the 34-acre Tipai by Wildlife Luxuries. The well-spaced 15 villas (11 Forest Villas and 4 Pool Residences) ensure that no one can peep in as you read a book or take a nap by your private plunge pool. Light-colored and roomy, the dome-roofed villas are furnished with thoughtful luxuries such as tooth powder and bamboo toothbrushes, breezy cotton waffle robes, and a Forest.


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