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India: New Laws Allow Passengers Disembark Incase Of Flight Delay

India’s air travellers should celebrate! In the event of prolonged flight delays following boarding, passengers are now permitted to disembark from the aircraft and head back to the departure gate, according to new laws established by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS). The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) has introduced new procedures that let passengers to leave the aircraft and return to the departure gate in the event of prolonged delays following boarding, with the goal of enhancing passenger comfort.

This move is a reaction to an increase in flight delays and congestion that keeps travellers stranded on aircraft for extended periods of time.

Important Aspects of the New Guidelines
In the event of extended delays, passengers can now disembark and use the departure gate to return to the airport terminal.
Airlines and security authorities will make the final decision about passenger deplaning.
The infrastructure that is required to support this process, such as security screening, must be established by airport operators.
Pay attention to passenger efficiency and comfort.


These instructions were published by BCAS on March 30 and are currently in force. Hasan emphasised the need to ensure that passengers are not imprisoned within aeroplanes for extended periods of time after boarding, while also stressing the goal of minimising annoyance to passengers.

Airlines and the appropriate security authorities will decide whether to deboard passengers in the event of an extended delay or emergency.

Resolving Increasing Air Traffic Issues
Hasan underlined the necessity of addressing airport congestion given the increase in domestic aviation traffic. BCAS is dedicated to putting the best practices and resources into place to address this problem. To improve the traveller experience, smart security lanes will be implemented.

Implementing Sophisticated Security Protocols
Moreover, BCAS intends to deploy full-body scanners at Bangalore airport this month, followed by a rollout at airports that handle more than 5 million passengers annually.

In February, BCAS issued directives to seven scheduled airlines to guarantee timely baggage delivery upon aeroplane arrival in response to customer complaints about baggage retrieval delays.

Travellers will appreciate the adjustment brought about by the new BCAS guidelines, which may lessen their suffering and annoyance during delayed flights. BCAS is working to make air travel in India easier and more efficient by prioritising the passenger experience, enhancing security, and addressing traffic.


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