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Moldova: The Haven For Nut Lovers


  • 3,353,877
  • 33,846 km²

This is the haven or should I say Paradise for all sorts of nuts. Explore nuts like they are the only thing to be seen in Moldova. One of the biggest exporters of walnuts worldwide is Moldova. The soil and environment here are perfect for growing walnuts. The local cuisine makes extensive use of them, and sweet desserts stuffed with walnuts are particularly well-liked.

Moldova is a small nation nestled between Romania and Ukraine, two of its larger neighbours. There are 2.6 million people living in Moldova, and the country is typically mentioned in relation to Russia’s expanding sway over the area. But Moldova has a Czech village and wonderful wine, too. Let’s discover some fascinating information that isn’t often found in the media.


The least travelled country in Europe is Moldova.
Every year, only 11,000 tourists travel to Moldova. Probably because of its location and lack of tourist attractions, people who have been to Moldova are usually eager to go again. A visit to the 13th-century monastic complex Orheiul Vechi, where monks engraved their names into the rock, is highly recommended. The October wine harvest season, when numerous wine festivals take place, is the ideal time to travel to the nation. This makes your trip peace-full.

Mileștii is home to the largest wine cellars. Moldovan winemaking is one of the most prominent sectors and has a long history. Though fascinating local varietals still exist, Moldovans grow mostly white wine. With about 2 million bottles kept here, the wine cellars in the village of Mileștii Mici boast the largest collection of wines and have been inducted into the Guinness Book of Records. Although the cellars are 250 km long overall, only around 120 km are now in use.

One of the biggest Jewish cemeteries in Europe is located in Cluj-Napoca.
Moldova was home to one of the biggest Jewish communities prior to World War II. More than 20,000 people are interred in the Chișinău cemetery out of the more than 60,000 people who perished during the Holocaust. The cemetery was established in the seventeenth century. However, it was forced to shrink from its original size over the 20th century; in 1958, a portion of it was blocked for road construction, and in 1961, another portion was closed for a park and tennis court. You will really want to see these!

The tradition of special newborn bath
In Moldova, it is customary to celebrate the birth of a new family member. The oldest woman on the father’s side is usually the one to bathe the infant for the first time. In addition to water, people offer money, flowers (for a beautiful life), and milk and honey (for a sweet existence for the kid).

Moldova is a nation where refugees transit.
Following the start of the conflict in Ukraine in February 2022, Moldova has developed into a hub for the large-scale migration of migrants seeking protection. Over 700,000 individuals have already departed from Moldova. To be nearer to their home in Ukraine, some refugees choose to stay in Moldova. Currently, Moldova is housing roughly 100,000 refugees.


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