No More Passports
Mabel Fatokun

No More Passports: Frankfurt Airport Pioneers Contactless Travels

The first airport in Europe to provide comprehensive biometric systems is Frankfurt. A more significant advancement in the growth of Fraport’s digital passenger procedures ks this contactless service.
All airlines at Frankfurt Airport will be able to use facial biometrics as identification from check-in to aircraft boarding thanks to a partnership between SITA and Fraport. Offering biometric touchpoints to all airline customers, Frankfurt is the first airport in Europe that pioneered contactless travels, therefore making travelling through the airport quick and easy.

With the help of NEC-powered SITA’s Smart Path biometric technology, your face serves as your boarding permit. With their biometric-enabled passports, travellers can safely register in advance on their smartphone via the Star Alliance biometric app or in person at the check-in kiosk. It merely takes a few seconds to complete the registration procedure.

No More Passports

Passengers go through the facial recognition-equipped checkpoints after registering.

By offering a completely contactless travel experience for all travellers, including face biometric identification from check-in to boarding, Frankfurt Airport has set the standard for contactless travel in Europe. This innovative programme is driven by the biometric Smart Path technology from SITA.

By offering a cutting-edge contactless experience to all passengers, Frankfurt Airport has raised the bar for air travel. From the time passengers check in until they board their plane, they can be seamlessly identified by this state-of-the-art system that makes use of facial recognition technology.

Fraport has partnered with SITA, a leading global provider of information technology and communications for air travel, to make this breakthrough available to all airlines using Frankfurt Airport.

How to Operate It!

Travellers can now choose to preregister using the Star Alliance biometric app on their cellphones or finish the process in person at specific checkpoints by utilising SITA’s Smart Path biometric technology and their biometric-enabled passports.

Travellers do not require paper documents to pass through facial recognition checkpoints once they have registered.

The CEO of SITA, David Lavorel, claims that this innovative technology would simplify travel to and from the airport, freeing up travellers’ time to unwind rather than stand in line.

We know from our research that more than 75% of passengers will gladly use biometrics where they are introduced,” Lavorel continued. We are happy to provide Frankfurt Airport the advantages of a quicker airport travel as a result.

The statement claims that more than 12,000 travellers have already used this technology at boarding gates, boarding pass control, and check-in, demonstrating its acceptance and efficacy.

Creative Security Techniques
The first passenger walk-through scanner was introduced by Fraport in September 2023 with the goal of enhancing security checks while upholding strict security regulations. A six-month trial period for this technology will gather data for prospective system enhancements.

Fraport Keeps Expanding
In September 2023, Fraport, one of the busiest airports in Europe, had a substantial expansion. In comparison to the same month in 2022, 5.8 million passengers passed through Frankfurt Airport, an increase of 18.2%.

Wide Range of Winter Flight Options
Frankfurt Airport is offering flights to 242 destinations across 94 countries, operated by 82 different airlines, as winter draws near. This winter, visitors will have access to almost 690,000 seats each week, which is a 17% increase from the previous winter.

The innovative biometric-based contactless travel experience offered by Frankfurt Airport is poised to revolutionise the passenger experience by enhancing speed, convenience, and safety during air travel. By implementing these technologies, Frankfurt Airport is bolstering its leadership in the aviation sector and improving millions of travellers’ travel experiences.


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