Nothing Is As Healing As Ayurvedic Tourism
Mabel Fatokun

Nothing Is As Healing As Ayurvedic Tourism: Check Out These 6 Destinations Across The World

Ayurveda is a 3,000-year-old technique that originated in southern India and Sri Lanka. It is said to be the world’s earliest fully developed medical system. The theory is based on the idea that each person’s unique set of biological traits, or doshas, determine their level of physical and mental health. It is recognised that a balanced diet, enough sleep, regular exercise, and natural therapies are necessary to preserve or restore doshas. Nowadays, Ayurvedic consultations, programmes, and therapies are widely available in spas and resorts around the globe. These services might include massages, customised nutrition plans, and light therapy. These are a few of the top spas and resorts in the US and Asia if you’re interested in this type of healing.

Nothing Is As Healing As Ayurvedic Tourism

If you want to explore Ayurveda from a certified practitioner but are pressed for time or are considering a staycation, then you need to explore these destinations. They are renowned for Integrative Medical services which have been proven and tested to improve seemingly difficult Health conditions.

  1. COMO Shambhala Estate, Bali : One of the greatest Ayurvedic spas in the world is the Como Shambhala Estate, which is situated in Bali close to Ubud. Bali is in Southeast Asia, northwest of Australia.  There is an on-site Ayurvedic physician who will create a personalised treatment plan that includes body treatments, panchakarma, private yoga, and COMO Shambhala cuisine. For seven days, its Bespoke package starts at $820.
  2. Siddhalepa Resort, Sri Lanka: Sri Lankan culture is well rooted in Ayurveda, and the Siddhalepa Resort in Wadduwa is among the best in the nation. There’s a broad menu of meals with Ayurvedic qualities and a large number of suggested treatments, so you may relax with a massage or go detoxified. Since each component is chosen to rebalance your dosha, you may customise your diet to meet your programme. A two-hour Ayurvedic treatment in a room costs $120 a night.
Nothing Is As Healing As Ayurvedic Tourism
  1. Pratima, New York: In her clinic, Dr. Pratima Riachur blends the customs of Indian medicine with her knowledge as a botanist and scientist. Riachur helps clients achieve a better balance in the contemporary environment by using natural, age-old substances like clean herbs and flowers. We suggest the Absolute Bliss package, which has an Ayurvedic facial, a traditional Abhyanga message to release deep tension and a consultation.
  2. The Raj, Fairfield, Iowa: A well-known traditional Ayurvedic facility, The Raj in Fairfield, Iowa, offers a variety of therapies for ailments like stress, chronic pain, and Alzheimer’s disease. On the 100-acre estate, visitors may enjoy lengthier courses of Ayurvedic treatments or use the day spa. Maharishi light treatment with gems is a specialised therapy that helps balance energy and raises awareness; the Raj is the only centre in the US delivering it. The Raj only takes 15 visitors to ensure a personalised experience; therefore, reservations are required in advance. At the day spa, a single massage is $170.
  3. Somatheeram, India: Situated on Chowara Beach in Kerala, Somatheeram Resort is well-known for its traditional Ayurvedic programmes, which seek to reset the body on an all-encompassing level. Numerous packages, such as detoxification, anti-aging, and dieting, are available for guests to select from. A consultation with a healer precedes the prescription of each therapy. From October through December, the cost of a seven-day treatment programme, which includes full lodging and board, is around $1,360.
  4. Ananda Spa, Rishikesh: One of the top Ayurvedic centres in India, Ananda Spa overlooks the Himalayas. The resort provides a comprehensive programme of Ayurveda, yoga, and Vedanta and has views of the Ganges Valley. The four-handed massage and Pizhichil, a four-person massage in which guests are submerged in warm, medicinal oil, are two of Ananda Spa’s most well-known offerings. Ananda rebalance packages for seven nights start at $808.


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