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PICTURES: That Holiday With The Sunny Skies And Such Warm Seas


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Vacations at Makadi Bay, which is centred on a gorgeous bay on the Red Sea Riviera, are the stuff of beach lovers’ dreams. Enjoy your favourite beverage while relaxing by the magnificent resort pools, jet ski, snorkelling, or sailing over the turquoise ocean.

Makadi Bay vacations provide a tranquil haven among top attractions, only a short drive from the heart of energetic Hurghada. The specially designed beach resort has a lively waterfront with excellent all-inclusive hotels along it. You may opt to do as little or as much as you wish, from exciting water parks to traditional bazaars and gorgeous golf courses.

Red sea hotels
Makadi Bay’s cultural heritage and past
If you’re interested in history, you may plan a whole itinerary that includes visits to locations close to Makadi Bay. Explore historic cathedrals, evocative monasteries, and ruins from the Roman Era. You may learn more about Egyptian history by visiting museums, and diving to amazing shipwrecks is another option. You can count on bright sky and warm waters whenever you visit Makadi Bay, regardless of the season.

You want to know where these sun-kissed landscapes are?. Egypt is the destination. Amazing land of historical significance.


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