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Planning A Trip To Kuwait? All You Need To Know About Biometric Fingerprints


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Kuwaiti expatriates, rejoice! Recent rumours that travel restrictions are in place because biometric fingerprints are missing are untrue. What you need to know about the upcoming trip, fingerprinting alternatives, and the deadline is here.

Rumours regarding the travel limitations for expats who have not undergone biometric fingerprinting have been refuted by a security source from Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior in a recent statement. The source affirmed that foreigners are not prevented from returning to their homes by the lack of this process.

Planning a trip to Kuwait?

  • Schedule your fingerprinting appointment through the Sahel app (for those who haven’t already).
  • Keep an eye out for updates from the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior.

Ensuring Smooth Travel Procedures

The clarification aims to alleviate concerns among expatriates and ensure smooth procedures in line with the Ministry’s directives. Expatriates are encouraged to adhere to the announced deadlines and procedures to avoid any inconvenience during their travels to and from Kuwait.

The Ministry seeks to streamline travel arrangements and uphold security measures within Kuwait’s borders by clarifying the biometric fingerprinting process and debunking false speculations.

No Limitations on Travel Despite rumours
In contrast to rumours, the Ministry stated that allegations that foreign nationals who do not submit to fingerprinting will be denied entry into Kuwait following the impending deadline, which is set to begin in June, are unfounded.

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The insider emphasised that the time period provided is enough and guaranteed that residents and citizens will have enough time to complete the required biometric fingerprinting.

What you should take away from this:

Until the June deadline, foreign nationals are permitted to travel.
You can finish fingerprinting if you haven’t already when you go back to Kuwait.
Procedure Specifics for Foreign Nationals
The source emphasised the procedural component by mentioning that expats who have not had their fingerprints taken will need to do so when they return to Kuwait. This can be completed at the airport or at special fingerprinting locations found throughout Kuwait’s six governorates, including retail establishments.

What you should know is as follows:

No Entry Ban: Foreign nationals will not be prevented from returning to Kuwait if they haven’t finished their fingerprints by the June deadline.
Fingerprinting Upon Return: Foreign nationals can have their fingerprints taken at airports and at specific locations, such as shopping centres, all around Kuwait’s governorates.
The Ministry’s explanation attempts to allay worries among foreigners and guarantee comfort and convenience.

The Ministry emphasised further that the biometric fingerprinting process generates digital records to assist security services in verifying people’s identities and is a one-time requirement. Additionally, it serves as a barrier to the immigration of those who have been barred or ejected from the country.


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