New 5-Year Residence Permit For Entrepreneurs And The Skilled Workers
Mabel Fatokun

QATAR: New Year, New 5-Year Residence Permit For Entrepreneurs And The Skilled Workers


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The Qatari government has declared the opening of a new resident permit programme for skilled workers and business owners. The programme involves a five-year residency and work visa with a renewal option.

The new residency permit indicates the government of Qatar’s ongoing attempts to attract and retain bright individuals and businesspeople who can foster innovation and economic progress in the nation while also giving foreign nationals the chance to invest and enjoy long-term stability in Qatar.

The new residence permit program will open for applications in the next few months.

Qualifications for Skilled Workers’ Eligibility

Acceptance into the talent category. The candidate must meet certain requirements to qualify under the talent category. These include receiving confirmation from a relevant Qatari government body that they are a talented person in one of the 13 authorised fields—which include the arts, entertainment, sports, education, scientific research, development, or innovation—and
possess a job offer or contract from an employer in Qatar, or demonstrate that they have enough money, at least QAR 36,500 (about USD 10,027), to last them until their immigration procedure in Qatar is over.

Acceptance into the group of entrepreneurs. For an application to be considered under the entrepreneur category, a business plan must be approved by a recognised business incubator in Qatar, such as the Qatar Science & Technology Park or the Qatar Fintech Hub. Additionally, the investment must be at least QAR 250,000 (roughly USD 68,671).

New 5-Year Residence Permit For Entrepreneurs And The Skilled Workers

Documentation that is necessary for each candidate. The following documents are required of applicants for both permit categories: a digital photograph; a good conduct certificate issued within the last three months (or a police clearance certificate); a passport valid for at least six months from the date of visa application (those applying from outside of Qatar must also ensure that their passport is valid for a minimum of six months from the date of entry into Qatar). If applying from outside of Qatar, one of the documents must be verified by the appropriate authorities in the supplying nation); also, a personal bank statement (the specifics of this prerequisite are still unknown)

Varied document needs depending on the location and category. In addition, the following documents may be required (among others) based on the kind of residence permit and whether the applicant is in Qatar or not at the time of the application:

  • Qatar Identity Card of the Applicant;
  • A letter of no objection from a present employer in Qatar, provided the applicant is still working there;
  • A letter of experience or an employment contract from a prior employer in Qatar;
  • A work offer or contract with a new employer in Qatar and/or The Qatar Identity Card or business establishment of the present sponsor

Fees and the application process
Candidates need to finish the following actions:

Approval. Although the exact requirements and specifics have not yet been released, foreign nationals must first get endorsement approval from a relevant government authority in Qatar. It is anticipated that they will be able to complete this process electronically.

Application through the Internet. After being given clearance for the endorsement, they can start the application procedure for a residence permit online. This should be possible via the Mustaqel website, but it is not currently there.

Release. Successful applicants will receive an electronic pre-approval after completing the application and necessary paperwork, enabling them to complete their immigration process in Qatar.

Endorsing a visa. When arriving in Qatar, applicants from outside the country must show their pre-approval at a special immigration counter to have their entry visa endorsed on their passport. After that, they must undergo a medical test and pick up a Qatar Identity Card. Information about how Qatari nationals applying for visas will be able to get their endorsement or if their status will just be recorded in the immigration system is still pending from the government.

Permission to Work. The moment the person will be permitted to work in Qatar is still unknown.
Charges. The government charges QAR 4,000 (about USD 1,099) for the five-year residency permit under the talented individuals category and QAR 5,000 (around USD 1,374) for Entrepreneurs.


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