Rigours Of Changing Levels While Changing Countries
Mabel Fatokun

Rigours Of Changing Levels While Changing Countries

Maybe you missed our first edition of ‘Your Story or Glory with the Japa Process‘; here is another story with many lessons.

This is one of the success stories compared to the experience Demilade had in our last post. Demilade was quite unfortunate. He almost lost his life, but thanks to loyal friends and family. Today, we will be sharing about Betty, a young lady who was once an immigration officer in her Home country before Relocation.

Betty has suffered quite a lot of heartbreak from Men. Her job was doing fantastically great, but she wasn’t happy. She decided to make that move of changing this sordid atmosphere over her head. The relocation was the first solution that came to her head. It was a brilliant idea at that point, but her job was paying well, and she was already a high-ranked officer, so why would she want to lose such and move away?

BETTY wasn’t hasty with that decision. She decided to hold on with the plan for a while. She sat down to weigh the pros and cons. Relocating meant leaving her good job for some uncertainties. The family will be left behind, and even though she was not accountable to anyone as a fiancee or a husband, she couldn’t believe her life, which she would have traded with another’s at some point earlier in that year, became the life she wasn’t comfortable walking away from. Wow!

To lessen her doubts and even out the uncertainty on the scale, she started looking for jobs in New Zealand (her chosen destination). While at it, she took some vocational classes during the weekend. All these activities, with time, boosted her confidence in the Relocation plans. She wasn’t leaving anything to chance.

Betty desperately wanted to be one of the success stories. She was not ready for the shocks, disappointments, and regrets that could possibly be the landmarks of such decisions.

Now, the simple question I want to ask at this Juncture is, how would you describe yourself? Spontaneous or Meticulous like Betty up there? In any case, you most likely dislike unpleasant surprises, unanticipated challenges, and unanticipated roadblocks. But if you make the grave error of starting a large project—a study project, a company venture, a house transfer, etc.—without thoroughly and thoughtfully planning your path of action, that’s precisely what you’ll be faced with. However, how can something of this size be planned?

Rigours Of Changing Levels While Changing Countries

Making such significant judgements requires careful consideration of all the factors to succeed. You will never be able to obtain the desired image if a puzzle piece is missing or placed incorrectly. Similarly, you will never be able to complete the necessary moving preparations in time. You cannot guarantee a trouble-free and seamless transfer if you omit a step from the relocation plan or schedule it incorrectly. You must be able to easily pay for all moving-related costs if you want to feel financially at ease with your impending move. To ensure that you have enough cash on hand—or in your bank account—when the time comes to implement your relocation plan, it is therefore recommended that you begin saving for your move approximately a year before your departure.

In simple terms, today’s lesson is about planning.

Don’t make that relocation move without adequate information about your destination and sufficient planning. Planning gives you a bit of confidence and comfort in the new world.

You don’t want to allow life to happen to you anyhow it feels. On the brighter side, you should get prepared for whatever life wants to throw at you.

Thus, be sure you are aware of what to anticipate from your new surroundings and how to be best ready for your new life:

  • Even if you already have a job, it’s still a good idea to research the job market, career chances, and employment options in your new area so that you can make appropriate plans;
  • To plan your post-relocation spending for food, transportation, utilities, medical care, and other daily essentials, find out what the cost of living is in your new area;
  • Learn the rules and ordinances in your area so that you can arrange your documentation and submit it on time;

To better prepare for your new community’s social customs and expectations, learn as much as you can about them. Learn about the weather in your new location as it will not only dictate what clothing and weather-related products you require, but it may also have an impact on your health and safety and necessitate that you take certain safety precautions;

Examine your new community’s healthcare, educational, entertainment, and cultural offerings.

And on the final note, stay positive. Don’t believe the bad ‘whats’ you have heard about what. Get into it with all the Optimism you can buy (smiles). These tips will make you a successful Japa Glory, just like Betty turned out to be.


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