Sao Tome And Principe
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‘Sao Tome And Principe’ Remains Untapped By Tourists

Sao Tome and Principe

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Sao Tome and Principe

This little republic of two islands, stranded in the Atlantic Ocean about 250 kilometres off the coast of West Africa, appears to have been forgotten by the rest of the globe. Though it only draws a small number of tourists each year, those who do manage to travel to these beautiful, environmentally friendly tropical islands will be rewarded with amazing experiences. You should reserve your ticket right away if you want to feel as though you have the entire island to yourself.

What makes Sao Tome and Principe such a great place to visit, and what makes these islands so good?

Sao Tome And Principe

Yes, it’s a distinctive location. When you ask someone where Sao Tome and Principe is, they might initially think it’s near the Caribbean, but it’s actually far away. Africa’s second-smallest nation is made up of the islands of São Tomé and Príncipe, which are located around 300 and 250 km (190 and 160 mi) off the northwest coast of Gabon, respectively, in the tropical Atlantic and Gulf of Guinea. Both belong to the volcanic mountain range known as the Cameroon, which also contains Mount Cameroon on the Gulf of Guinea coast, the islands of Annobón to the southwest, and Bioko to the northeast (all of which are in Equatorial Guinea). São Tomé is the most hilly of the two islands, measuring 50 km (30 mi) in length and 30 km (20 mi) in width.

Either between December and February or June and September, during one of the two dry seasons, is the ideal time to visit Sao Tome and Principe.
On both islands, the year-round average temperature is about 27 ˅C. Hiking and birding are best done in the summer (which is great for all you birders out there). The possibility of having Sao Tome and Principe’s gorgeous beaches all to yourself is one of the best things about travelling there. This is unprecedented in many regions of the world, particularly in places this stunning. Thus, Sao Tome and Principe is a fantastic destination for this reason.

Being a former Portuguese colony, Portuguese is the official language spoken in Sao Tome and Principe. Additionally, you might be able to communicate in Spanish.

Although they speak some English, I would advise learning a few fundamental words and phrases in Portuguese to connect with people outside of Sao Tome City. It would also be helpful to bring along a Portuguese phrasebook.


  • Understanding the safety situation on Sao Tome and Principe is a big advantage when making travel plans. Hearing from other tourists that this is one of the friendliest places in Africa to visit certainly eases your concerns.
  • Take a culinary trip to Sao Tome and Principe! With so many fascinating items and tropical fruits at their disposal, they can cook up some really inventive meals. At the Sao Joao restaurant, that is just what they do. Visit the top restaurant in the nation and have a dinner. Where is the location of Sao Tome and Principe? The first thing you’ll notice is that their surroundings are completely made up of water. What does this signify for this little country? It indicates that during your visit, locals and you will have access to fresh fish and shellfish as your main source of nourishment. Given that Sao Tome and Principe was once a Portuguese territory, Portuguese tastes can be seen in the cuisine. Furthermore, if you’ve ever had Portuguese cuisine, you already know how wonderful it could taste.
  • There’s something wonderful about visiting nations where music is life. Sao Tome and Principe is a place where music is everywhere, whether you’re listening to it in a cafe, strolling around the streets and taking in sounds from little stores, or simply seeing people sing and hum along as they go about their daily lives.
  • If you have any experience going around Africa, especially West Africa, you know that lodging is the most significant expense. Furthermore, the costs are exorbitant for a clean, cosy, and reasonably priced room. The reasonably priced lodging is the most advantageous aspect of travelling to Sao Tome and Principe. This is a genuine selling point that Sao Tome and Principe’s tourism industry should highlight to draw in more tourists. It had a significant impact on our vacation budget for Sao Tome and Principe overall, but I don’t think enough prospective tourists are aware of how reasonably priced it can be.

It is astounding how beautiful Sao Tome and Principe’s natural surroundings are. The list is endless and includes lush tropical rainforests, craggy coasts, ocean views, hidden beaches and coves, volcanoes, waterfalls, and notable peaks. At every turn, this location offers breathtaking views of the natural world. It somehow evokes the splendour of the verdant Caribbean island of Dominica. Definitely one of the best excuses to travel to Sao Tome & Principe is this. There aren’t many places remaining in the world with the same sense of untainted beauty as this one.

Enjoying nature in its purest form is a beautiful surprise for island visitors.


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