Mabel Fatokun

Sea Of Stars: A Non-Existent Destination For Tourists

The “Sea of Stars” in the Maldives is a popular attraction, with stunning images of the Indian Ocean glowing blue in the dark. A destination that never existed and still doesn’t.

Sea Of Stars

The Sea of Stars does not exist as a geographical location, as it results from bioluminescent plankton floating around the ocean. The Sea of Stars is a popular destination for adventurous travellers, but the exact location remains a mystery. Tourists tend to want to see the sea of stars that has no place in space.

Marine biology has explained that when people claim to want to see the Sea of Stars in the Maldives, what they’re hoping to witness is a chemical reaction known as bioluminescent plankton;
that plankton is a phrase used to describe a group of microscopic creatures that float around in currents and cannot regulate their movements. In contrast, bioluminescence is a chemical reaction that produces light. She also mentioned that while some kinds of plankton can create light, this ability is limited, and the plankton only does so when disturbed. It is impossible to locate bioluminescent plankton in a single location. It is present throughout the Maldives. And even in the UK or anywhere a plankton exists.

Although the Maldives’ Sea of Stars is not recognizable, it is possible to spot a similar phenomenon, though the likelihood depends on luck.

The debate now is how a traveller can ever see this wonderful, phenomenal pack of Natural Chemical reactions.

Travelling during the Southwest Monsoon, which lasts from April to October, is when the most significant quantities of plankton are discovered, as the currents push the plankton from the southwest to the northeast of the nation.

Some people, however, think seeing it underwater is larger than seeing it on land.

You may see it if you’re lucky while sitting on the beach with a nice glass of Champagne, but luck is the key word. Night snorkelling in the sea when it’s full of plankton is the ideal way to see it. It’s among the most thrilling activities available.

Rather than being “a ready-made” object to investigate, the “sea of stars” is a time-bound manufactured experience.


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