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Mabel Fatokun

Siamese Twin: Humor And An Average Nigerian


  • 227,511,279
  • 923,768 km2 (356,669 sq mi)

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, has been viewed negatively by the outside world due to its negative associations. Still, its vibrant culture, sense of humour, and adaptability may indeed rate her the “Giant of Africa.”

She houses the second-largest film industry globally and serves as Africa’s fashion, technological, and creative hub, renowned for its vibrant and friendly energy.

Instead of reacting and expressing displeasure at a National crisis, the average Nigerian will create funny memes and flood social media platforms with them.

Humour me with the scenarios below and understand why Nigeria, home to one in five Africans, stands out from other destinations due to its diverse culture and rich history. You may want to add Nigeria to your Vacation destination after now.

  • In Nigeria, unmarried individuals reaching their 30th birthday face harassment from elders, leading to no shortage of traditional wedding ceremonies every week. Trust me, there’s always a wedding ceremony to add as a Tourist or traveller to Nigeria. Weddings are a multicoloured, life-affirming cultural event highlighting food, attire, music, and dancing skills.
  • Speaking about food, Nigerians are masters at consuming chicken until it falls apart. Consuming only the meat is insufficient. We crack the bone, remove the marrow, and grind up what’s left until nearly nothing is visible. You’ve not done well if, after the meal, your chicken thigh can still be identified. “Abeg, finish am,” a Nigerian will jocularly retort.
  • Nigeria produces fewer motion pictures than Hollywood and Bollywood in India. The film industry, known as Nollywood, is so large that it accounts for 5% of the country’s GDP. Nollywood films, known for their subpar (albeit becoming better) production quality, are known for being produced in less than two weeks on average. However, their engaging storylines provide an amusing window into Nigerian moral standards and complex social dynamics more than make-up for their lack of expertise. Stories that delve into infidelity, corruption, the paranormal, and servant-master relationships are often presented with dramatic flair and eye-bulging. In other parts of Africa, spectators from more subdued cultures flock to see the movies, relishing Nigeria’s outrageousness and even picking up some of our vernacular.
  • Despite its political and economic issues, Nigerians rank among the world’s most upbeat and content individuals. Opportunity does not knock on the door; instead, a Nigerian must go for it with God’s assistance, they will always say. Even though the seventh day of Earth’s creation saw the Lord’s rest, he hasn’t had a day off since as Nigerians pray to Him constantly, pound their fists, and beg for His favours (this singularly makes you identify a typical Nigerian).
  • Traffic jams, also referred to as “go-slows,” are common on Nigeria’s roads. Even though they may prolong your trip, they shouldn’t prevent you from finishing your daily shopping while relaxing in your car. Do you need some socks? You can get help from street sellers. If you’re looking for paintings? Oh yes, you heard right. You need not go to the Gallery. They also sell handkerchiefs, belts, books, newspapers, fruit, vegetables, sweets, and electrical goods. Just roll down your window and give them a call.

These and many more are the humorous Lifestyle of an Average Nigerian. No other country wears Optimism better than the citizens of this Giant of Africa.


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