Mabel Fatokun

Surpassing China, Italy Emerges With The Most World Heritage Sites


  • 58,697,744
  • 301,230 km2 (116,310 sq mi

As of 2023, Italy had more World Heritage Sites than any other state party, 59 surpassing China’s 57.

At the World Heritage Committee’s third session, held in 1979 in Cairo and Luxor, Egypt, the Rock Drawings in Valcamonica—the first site in Italy—were added to the list. Twenty-five additional Italian sites were added throughout the 1990s, ten of which were added at the 21st session, which took place in Naples in 1997.

World Heritage Sites like the above- Castel del Monte, Villa d’Este, Piazza del Duomo and Crespi d’Adda are Important Natural heritage, according to the World Heritage Convention, which was established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in 1972. Cultural heritage refers to locations, groups of constructions, monuments, and archaeological sites. Natural locations noteworthy for scientific, conservation, or aesthetic reasons fall into the second category.

Wouldn’t you instead view these Italian UNESCO Heritage sites in closer proximity? You will surely agree with me that the next vacation destination has to be in Italy. Fifty-Nine of such wonders above beckon.


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