Yellow Spring Road

The Magic of Yellow Spring Road: Tokyo’s Autumn Fairytale


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There’s a reason why autumn is considered legendary in Japan. It’s a season when nature puts on a performance unlike anything else, transforming the surroundings into an amazing display of blazing hues. However, the Yellow Spring Road is a hidden gem that is just waiting to be found among the many glories of this era. Nestled among the expansive grounds of Tokyo’s Showa Kinen Park, this charming route is a photographer’s and nature lover’s dream come true. Imagine walking around under a colourful canopy of more than 140 ginkgo trees, the warm, golden glow of their fan-shaped leaves illuminating everything underneath them in a spectrum of yellows. There is no denying Yellow Spring Road’s enchantment—the setting seems like something from a fairy tale.

Yellow Spring Road

A Walk Through a Golden Tunnel

The Yellow Spring Road is only a little over 300 metres long. However, in that brief distance, it provides an engrossing experience that will take your breath away. The enormous Ginkgo trees form a stunning ceiling above you as you travel, creating a natural tunnel with their golden leaves. Every step is a visual feast thanks to the captivating play of light and shadow created by the dappled sunlight seeping through.

The air carries a distinct fragrance, a unique blend of the Ginkgo’s earthy aroma and the crisp autumn scent. It’s a sensory experience that stays with you long after you’ve left the road.

A Historical Avenue with a Modern Appeal

The Yellow Spring Road isn’t just visually stunning and steeped in history. These majestic Ginkgo trees were planted in the early 1900s as silent witnesses to the park’s evolution. Their presence adds a layer of timelessness to the scene, making the walk even more captivating.

Despite its historical significance, the Yellow Spring Road continues to attract modern travellers. This idyllic retreat is a well-liked travel location for those looking for a picture-perfect getaway and photography aficionados due to the abundance of breathtaking photos of it on social media. A backdrop unlike any other is created by the vivid colours and distinctive ambiance, ensuring Instagram-worthy photos.

Capturing the Perfect Moment on Yellow Spring Road

Here are some tips for capturing the perfect picture on the Yellow Spring Road:

  • Embrace the golden hour: The early morning or late afternoon light creates a warm, soft glow that complements the yellow foliage.
  • Play with perspective: Experiment with different angles and perspectives to create unique and dynamic shots. Feel free to get low to the ground or capture the towering height of the trees.
  • Focus on details: The intricate patterns of the Ginkgo leaves, the dappled sunlight on the path, or even fallen leaves on the ground can add depth and interest to your photographs.
  • Incorporate people: While capturing the beauty of the Yellow Spring Road itself is essential, including people in your shots can add a sense of scale and human connection.
Yellow Spring Road

Exploring Showa Kinen Park

The Yellow Spring Road might be the star attraction, but Showa Kinen Park offers many other experiences for visitors. This vast park spread over 88 hectares, boasts diverse landscapes, including gardens, ponds, forests, and open meadows.

Here are some other highlights of Showa Kinen Park:

  • The Japanese Imperial Garden: This meticulously maintained garden offers a glimpse into traditional Japanese landscaping techniques.
  • Dutch Windmill: This iconic landmark adds a touch of European charm to the park and provides stunning photo opportunities.
  • Seasonal Flower Fields: The park’s flower fields erupt in vibrant blooms throughout the year, offering a colourful spectacle.
  • Bicycle Rentals: Renting a bicycle at your own pace: Explore the vast park.

The Yellow Spring Road is easily accessible by public transport. The nearest station is Nishi-Tachikawa Station on the JR Hachikō Line, where a short bus ride takes you to the park’s main entrance.

For more information, visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Website.


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