The Real Liechtenstein

The Real Liechtenstein: What Lies Beyond the Surface?


  • 39,790
  • 160 km2 (62 sq mi)

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the picturesque postcard images of Liechtenstein? Let me take you on a journey through this tiny yet captivating country, where every corner holds a story waiting to be discovered.

The Real Liechtenstei

Exploring the Princely Landscapes

The expansive vista that greets me as I ascend the magnificent Alps peaks depicts a serene and quiet landscape that reaches far and wide. Liechtenstein is a refuge for adventurers and environment lovers alike, with its rocky landscape decorated with lush foliage, gorgeous lakes, and meandering rivers.

Diving into Liechtenstein’s Cultural Heritage

From the medieval splendour of Vaduz Castle to the quaint charm of the Gutenberg Castle, Liechtenstein is steeped in history and culture. I delve into its rich heritage, exploring ancient ruins, quaint villages, and vibrant festivals celebrating the country’s unique identity.

The Real Liechtenstei

Venturing Off the Beaten Path

While Vaduz may be the capital, Liechtenstein’s true treasures lie off the beaten path. I embark on a journey through hidden valleys and secluded trails, where each step unveils a new wonder waiting to be discovered.

Immersing in Local Flavours

No trip to Liechtenstein is complete without savouring its culinary delights. I indulge in traditional delicacies like käsknöpfle (cheese dumplings) and rösti (potato fritters), sipping on fine wines from local vineyards as I immerse myself in the warmth of Liechtenstein’s hospitality.

The Real Liechtenstei

Liechtenstein is a land of limitless wealth. I delight in the finer things in life, living the life of a royal, visiting lavish spa resorts and private mountain hideouts. As I think back on my trip through Liechtenstein, one thing becomes very evident: this magical nation is much more than what first meets the eye. There is adventure in Liechtenstein around every corner, therefore I implore you to explore below the surface and discover the hidden treasures that lay there.

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