A Cautionary Tale For Intending Migrants
⁠Solomon Paul

Tourists Guide: A Cautionary Tale For Intending Migrants

Kofi and Ama, two friends, resided in the quiet community of Nueva Esperanza. They had aspirations of moving to the wealthy North to live better lives. They had heard stories of Norway, a land of wealth and fjords, where prospects abound like the midnight sun.

Ever the pragmatic, Kofi devoted his days and nights to studying, picking up the language, and comprehending the legal procedures involved in moving. To learn more about the culture he so much wanted to be a part of, he contacted embassies, went to seminars, and even volunteered for neighbourhood NGOs.

Conversely, Ama was influenced by the charming murmurs of rumours. She thought that everybody who dared to come to Norway would find work and that the streets were rich. Though her preparation was flimsy and based primarily on hearsay and speculation, her heart was optimistic.
The day of departure came, and the two companions, equipped with their knowledge and ignorance, started their different adventures. Kofi’s route was specific and unambiguous, even if it was littered with paperwork and processes. His abilities matched those of a work that needed them; he was accepted into the community, and his attempts to fit in were rewarded with respect and friendship.

A Cautionary Tale For Intending Migrants

Contrastingly, Ama’s journey was fraught with disillusionment. The gold-paved streets were but a mirage, and the jobs she believed would be waiting were nowhere to be found. Without the language or legal understanding, she was adrift in a sea of uncertainty, her dreams capsizing in the cold reality of unpreparedness.

Around the world, people are reminded by the story of Kofi and Ama that migrating is a trip that should be taken with open eyes. Ignorance can provide a momentary sensation of satisfaction since it is frequently seen as a transient haven from the complexity of reality. However, this deliberate neglect provides a shaky basis for any trip, especially one as important as migration. The temporary solace brought about by this ignorance is an illusion that vanishes as one faces life’s unavoidable difficulties. The unprepared traveller may encounter unanticipated challenges, making for a difficult and emotionally taxing voyage.

On the other hand, the quest for knowledge serves as a lighthouse, directing one through the mist of doubt. To be more specific, ignorance can result in suffering and heartbreak, even if it seems delightful at first. The genuine promise of migration can only be realized with preparation, knowledge, and a realistic grasp of one’s destination. This is typified by thorough preparation, methodical information collection, and the development of a grounded viewpoint that allows one to deal with the challenges of change.

The intimidating process of migrating is transformed into a journey of empowerment when one recognises the reality of their location, prepares for anticipated problems, and faces them head-on. This informed strategy unleashes the entire potential of moving, enabling people to flourish in new settings and seize all of the chances that lie ahead.


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