Night Train Now Connects Prague To Brussels
Mabel Fatokun

UPDATE: Night Train Now Connects Prague To Brussels

Now, a new 15-hour night train is set to depart from Brussels to Prague for the first time.

Before reaching Prague, the sleeper service will make stops in Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Dresden.

The new route, which is run by European Sleeper, was created with environmentally friendly travel in mind.

“Our goal is to add a new route each year so we can continue to contribute to a more integrated and sustainable European transport network.

British citizens who would prefer to visit Prague without flying can take the two and a half-hour Eurostar train from London St Pancras to Brussels.

After that, passengers can transfer to the second train and spend the night there.

The train that leaves London St Pancras at 3:04 pm and arrives in Brussels at 6:05 pm is the best option since it allows you ample time to transfer to the sleeper train.

Night Train Now Connects Prague To Brussels

Starting at 7:22 p.m., the European Sleeper service will leave Brussels and arrive in Prague at 10:56 a.m. the next day.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are the departure days, and Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday are the return days.

Seats on the service cost €129 (£110) per person, according to Sun Online Travel, while a bed in a three-person compartment is €219 (£187) each person.

“There needs to be a good alternative to flying or using your car, wouldn’t you say?!

By 2025, a different route might link Amsterdam and Barcelona.

British tourists would thus be able to reach the popular Spanish destination by train, with Eurostar connecting them to Amsterdam.

“The Amsterdam-Barcelona night train will strongly improve Europe’s quality of north-south rail connections,” a statement from European Sleeper claimed before.

These are two additional train routes that the UK hopes to introduce.


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