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Wedding Bells: World’s Best Reception Venues

We travelled around the world for you, from the Caribbean to Italy. See our selections of the Best venues for your big day. These Exquisite places are unbelievably Affordable.

We bring you these amazing ideas of how your After-Wedding should be from all over the world.

Let’s start with the fundamentals of destination wedding planning: not just for you and your guests but also for yourself, you should choose an important and practical location. Maybe you’re looking for an inexpensive destination wedding that makes everything easy for everyone once they get there, or you want to locate your inner circle a special vacation area that they will talk about for years to come.

Any destination wedding takes place somewhere other than the hometown or present residence of the couple. Most destination weddings take place domestically; to make things easier for you, we’ve listed the top US wedding locations and venues here. Most of those who planned destination weddings abroad last year also chose to get married nearby: Our research shows that 44% of weddings were held in Mexico, 18% in the Caribbean, and 20% in Europe. JoAnn Gregoli, a luxury wedding planner, attests to all of this. It appears that Napa Valley, California, Hawaii, and Mexico are the most popular destinations for destination weddings.

The 2024–2025 Best Destination Weddings
This year’s best wedding locations were chosen based on industry trends, in-depth research, and professional judgment. Some of these sites are in great demand, and there is a lot of new construction to guarantee that your visitors will be properly taken care of.

  • Greatest Destination Resort: Wedding Punta Mita, Mexico
  • Spain is the ideal location for a beach wedding.
  • The Colorado Rockies are the ideal location for a mountain wedding in Colorado.
  • Costa Rica is the ideal location for a sustainable wedding.
  • Portugal is the ideal location for a low-cost wedding.
  • Greece is the ideal location for a small-scale wedding.
  • For a Ranch or Farm Wedding, Try Hudson Valley and lastly, for Best Destination for a Unique Guest Experience, Marrakesh, Morocco

For most, affordable is a relative term, although certain places are more likely to have good deals or less expensive flights than others. The wedding locations listed below offer a variety of accommodations and settings, ranging from ultra-luxurious homes to more reasonably priced motels. Additionally, most major US cities are easily accessible, which will be especially appreciated by your tourists when the winter months approach in the north.


Belize is becoming a more popular eco-friendly wedding location. To the west are jungles, while to the east are unspoiled Caribbean seas. Belize, a country in Central America that is home to the sizable Belize Barrier Reef, offers couples two options for their wedding: they may exchange vows amid the country’s lush, deep rainforest or have their reception at one of the many resorts along the coastline that front the ocean. There is something in Belize for all kinds of guests and soon-to-be spouses.

World's Best Reception Venues

Cozumel, Mexico: This serene Caribbean island, off the Yucatan Peninsula, is home to wildlife-rich nature reserves, turquoise waters, and one of the world’s largest coral reef systems. It’s the ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts seeking solitude (i.e., away from the tourist crowds) before getting married.

World's Best Reception Venues

Jamaica, home to several all-inclusive resorts, is among the most reasonably priced Caribbean islands for weddings. Still, it also offers more opulent choices, such as private villas with personal cooks, cleaning services, and security.

Portugal, a nation in Europe renowned for its low cost of living, is a superb choice for couples who like to provide their guests with cultural experiences, a distinctive setting, and affordability. It offers world-class gourmet dining alternatives but is far more accessible than its Iberian neighbour, Spain. Experience expansive mediaeval castles and fortresses, world-famous ceramics, and tourist destinations like the Algarve and the Azores.

All the other Caribbean islands have to offer, such as magnificent beaches, welcoming residents, and opulent resorts, however Puerto Rico has one major advantage over the others: US territory it is. This implies that there will be little if any, difficulties that come with travelling overseas for you and your visitors. There’s no need to travel through customs, great cell phone coverage and most people understand English.

World's Best Reception Venues

Charleston: During the height of wedding season, this quaint Southern city comes alive, with first-look sessions taking place in the South of Broad neighbourhood as it approaches the peninsula. Due to Charleston’s Atlantic coast location, beachfront nuptials set against sand dunes are just as prevalent as ballroom weddings in distinctive settings. Because of the experience of the vendors here, you and your spouse will receive the best treatment possible.

To the Ireland if “fairy tale” describes your ideal wedding. There will be a misty sleep, rolling green hills, seashore cliffs, seaside villages, rich gardens, stately homes, and magnificent castles. This incredibly lovely nation is a great place for destination weddings because of its natural beauty, warm local friendliness, and symbolic customs.


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