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Wish To Study Outside Your Home: Here Are The 2024 Countries With Best Opportunities

We’ve produced education rankings of the world’s top study abroad destinations for 2024 based on the main reasons students choose to study abroad, as determined by students who choose the perfect destination country above the programme or institution!

For each of these seven criteria, we have incorporated various data indicators into our rankings of the top study-abroad destinations:

  • Exceptional teachings
  • Reaching professional objectives
  • Individual growth
  • Customs and way of life
  • Having the chance to network or meet new people
  • Learning a language
  • Adventure

#10: Denmark

For the first time since 2020, Denmark makes a comeback to our ranking of the Top 10 Places in the World to Study Abroad. It makes sense that Denmark, which was named the second happiest nation on Earth in the 2023 World Happiness Report, is also renowned for its excellent educational system and its safe, progressive, welcoming culture, which place a high value on community and well-being. In Denmark, hygge is a way of life. The country has earned a reputation as a gourmet destination, with Copenhagen, the capital, offering everything from traditional smørrebrød to Michelin-starred New Nordic restaurants. The cities are easily navigable on foot or by bike.

#9 – Switzerland

Switzerland is a little nation tucked away in the heart of Europe and the Alps, renowned for its understated financial practices, steadfast adherence to neutrality, and breathtaking natural beauty. Switzerland is a crossroads of cultures as well, with German, French, and Italian influences seen in everything from its architecture to its multilingual populace. German, French, Italian, and Romansch—a minority language descended from Latin—are the four official languages of Switzerland. Studying in Switzerland will allow you to take in the stunning surroundings and top-tier colleges of the nation.

8. The Netherlands

It comes as no surprise that the Netherlands is in our Top Ten. This little nation is a global education powerhouse, offering cheap higher education, many English-taught programmes, and top-notch universities. The Dutch are incredibly tolerant of others, ecologically sensitive, and diversified, from the bustling metropolis of Utrecht and Rotterdam to the more sedate university towns of Groningen and Leiden.

#7: Spain

This year, Spain—a nation renowned for its lively and hospitable culture—rose two spots. Spain boasts a rich and varied past filled with conquests, variety, and legacy that are evident in its languages, literature, art, music, and customs. A cursory look at a tapas bar’s menu will provide you an idea of the variety of experiences Spain has to offer. With inspiration from the works of artists like Goya, Gaudi, Calatrava, Dali, Campo Baeza, and Picasso, the nation is a sanctuary for students studying art, architecture, and design.

#6 – Canada

Canada, oh! There’s a good reason why around 900,000 overseas students decided to study in Canada in 2023. This friendly, multicultural nation in North America provides flexible, internationally recognised higher education. Canada has a wealth of research possibilities for medical and STEM students, and excellent financing options and employment programmes are available to overseas students studying in many professions. Another excellent choice for language learners is Canada. Studying in Canada is a great method to pick up a new language because English and French are both recognised as official languages.

Here Are The 2024 Countries With Best Opportunities

5. France

While Paris is undoubtedly the nation’s gem, studying in France offers so much more than simply a leisurely stroll down the Seine. For many, the allure of France is summed up by the glitz and beauty of the city. Your options for a top-notch higher education are practically endless in France, as the country is home to more than 3,500 public and private higher education institutions, ranging from Grandes Ecoles and universities to speciality schools for everything from medicine to art.

#4. Australia

Globally, overseas students consistently choose Australia as their study abroad destination. Australia has consistently rated in the Top 10 due to its extensive higher education programmes, highly regarded universities, and reputation for accepting international students. Australia is renowned for its fantastic temperature, relaxed lifestyle, and breathtaking natural beauty.

#3. UK

For good reason, the UK is always at the top of our list. For foreign students, the United Kingdom is the top option since it is home to some of the most famous and respected universities in the world. International students have the chance to study and experience a nation rich in culture and history by residing and studying in the UK.

2. The United States

Since 2019, the US has been progressively increasing our rankings to claim the second-place position for study-abroad destinations! The US has long been a well-liked study abroad option because it has some of the best colleges in the world, lots of chances for research, and a higher education scene straight out of Hollywood. Together with every other type of school and institution imaginable, idyllic college campuses drenched in fall foliage, boisterous crowds supporting their school’s team at brightly lit football games, and large campuses where coeds can explore the great American metropolises while they study are real.

#1 – Germany

Germany moved to the top of our rankings this year with remarkable speed! And that makes sense. Germany is a popular choice for foreign students because of its stellar reputation as a global leader in higher education and its affordable living and tuition costs. You have the perfect place to study when you combine that with the nation’s excellent standards of living, cultural opportunities, and secure, effective infrastructure.


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