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2024: 8 Of The Best Countries To Study In And Relocate To


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The Best Countries To Study in the first quarter (Q1) of the new year is almost rounding up, and you are not sure where to go for your master’s degree or which Country could offer affordable yet quality Postgraduate Programmes and Doctorates.

Let’s help you narrow down the search to the best countries that pay well while you study. Don’t you think that’s essential, as you need all the financial support while adjusting to the new terrain?

Here we go:


Unquestionably, one of the greatest places for overseas students to study is Singapore, which is a multicultural nation.

With a high standard of living and a high degree of safety (95 per cent of people feel comfortable strolling alone at night), this country is highly sought-after by students looking for an authentically global experience. The average net monthly pay of US$4,350.79 is helpful. One of the main reasons expats adore this country is because it’s the ideal place to travel Asia because most places are easily accessible by direct flight.


Based on the OECD Better Life Index, Australia ought to rank highly. In terms of income, employment, health, education, environmental quality, social ties, civic involvement, and life happiness, it performs better than average. The average household net-adjusted disposable income per capita is US$37,433 annually, despite the average monthly net pay being US$4,218.89. International students adore Australia despite some of its excruciatingly costly cities due to its welcoming residents, relaxed lifestyle, and variety (as of 2021, just under 30% of the country’s population was born outside of the country).


Switzerland ranks high among international students due to its low employee hours and high satisfaction with life, according to the OECD Better Life Index. The country’s average monthly net salary is US$6,142.1, above the OECD average of 6.7.


UAE offers fast-growing, diversified economies with employment opportunities in oil, gas, tourism, trade, finance, technology, media, and education. Average monthly net salary is $3,663.27, with tax-free income.


Norway offers free tuition for EU/EEA and Switzerland students, while international students pay tuition according to their chosen subject. Its emphasis on work-life balance, outdoor activities, and large economy provide internships and graduate jobs, with an average monthly net salary of US$3,457.69.


Iceland offers a strong sense of community with a population of 376,648, offering a monthly net salary of US$3,237.11 and a household net-adjusted disposable income per capita higher than the OECD average of US$30,490 a year.


The Netherlands, with an OECD 7.5 grade average, is a popular destination for international students due to its high monthly net salary and annual household net-adjusted disposable income.


Denmark has a high GDP per capita of 58,000 euros, a 37-hour work week, and five weeks of holiday. Successful international immigrants, like a 30-year-old American teacher, find happiness in luxury apartments with a peaceful Lifestyle.


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