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Zambia: A Home Of Stunning Wonders And Intriguing History


  • 20,995,773
  • 752,614 km²

Considering a vacation to Africa? Discover the wonders of stunning Zambia, a sub-Saharan nation known for its famed Victoria Falls, extensive wetlands on the Zambezi River, intriguing history, and the Czech imprint Emil Holub left behind.

All in one welcoming nation: the home of the fabled African walking safari, Victoria Falls, the untamed Zambezi River, an abundance of wildlife, and an untamed environment.

With its abundance of animals, enormous bodies of water, and expansive open spaces, Zambia is a country blessed with breathtaking natural beauties that make for a fantastic vacation experience.

Zambia is often regarded as one of the safest travel destinations globally, with hospitable citizens leading peaceful lives.

And you’ll find some of the best safari experiences on the planet right here, in the warm heart of Africa, featuring up-close interactions with nature at its purest. Magnificent rivers offer thrilling experiences or a calm playground for people of all ages. It has some of the world’s most varied birds.

Along with the breathtaking Victoria Falls, seventeen other gorgeous waterfalls offer adventurous travellers a taste of rural life and unique experiences. Every day in this little paradise, stunning sunsets are practically a given.

Now, These Are Why You Need To Go And Explore Zambia Again Or Plan Seeing If You Haven’t

First thing to know is In Zambia, there are more than 70 languages spoken.
Although English is widely used in Zambia, as it was formerly a British colony, it is not the sole language used there. Conversely, there are roughly 73 tribes in Zambia, and each speaks its unique language. It will help to know at least a few simple words in the more isolated areas and communities. Similar to the Lozi tribe of Zambia’s Western Province, where “Litumezi” means “Thank you”.

Zambia is home to one of Africa’s most significant wetlands.
There’s an intriguing natural phenomenon in Barotseland. About 250,000 people live in the Barotse Floodplain, which is situated on the Zambezi River. They reside on little islands beside the river in huts. These people relocate when the yearly floods arrive in the spring, and their previous residences are submerged. Kuomboka is the name of the traditional ceremonial that goes along with the transfer.

The thunderous smoke
They are recognised globally as Victoria Falls. However, did you know that one of the world’s natural wonders also has an origin story? The Lozi tribe in the area gave the falls their name before Scottish adventurer David Livingstone saw them and called them after his queen. Mosi-oa-Tunya, which means “Smoke that Thunders,” is the name they give them. The original name of this wonder is apt, as anyone witnessing the thunderous water and the mist rising tens of metres high will understand.


Caritas Czech Republic assists refugees and farmers in Zambia.
One of the nations most severely impacted by climate change is Zambia. Furthermore, because a sizable portion of the populace depends on agriculture for a living, it plays a significant role in the lives of the locals. Caritas Czech Republic is bringing innovative farming techniques and effective farming ways to Zambian farmers, assisting them in resisting the effects of climate change. We also assist refugees struggling to live in their new nation. Caritas Czech Republic offers scholarships or vocational training to help refugees become self-sufficient. We provide financial literacy classes, help farmers connect with consumers, and assist small business owners in growing their enterprises and hiring additional staff in rural areas.

Zambia is home to one of the oldest refugee communities in Africa.
About 100,000 refugees from Rwanda, Angola, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo have made Zambia their home. They either reside in urban areas in Zambia or mostly in refugee settlements like Mayukwayukwa. The latter is among the oldest refugee camps in Africa, having been established in 1966. There are 14,000 people living there, and it’s in the Western Province. The refugees have their own stores, eateries, tailoring studios, and an ICT centre; it’s like a mini town.

Lastly Zambia is a Home to So many African Delicacies
Do you know anything about nshima? To make this delicious treat from Zambia, mix hot water with maize flour. Nshima is a common dish in Zambia that is consumed with almost anything and every day. Shima is eaten with your hands, as are all native foods, so if you want to blend in, avoid reaching for a fork.


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