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Who Said The Teachers Are Left Out: 5 Well-Paying Countries For Teaching English

Worldwide, the market for English language teaching (ELT) is expanding quickly, both in traditional classroom settings and online. The rivalry for desired employment grows as the quantity of opportunities rises. People need to find their expertise in the industry and do extensive study in order to get by in this competitive work environment. It’s essential to comprehend market trends and new markets in order to differentiate yourself from the competition and receive fulfilling job offers.

It’s important to take your preference for in-person or online instruction into account when assessing possible teaching specialties. The market for digital English language instruction is steadily rising, with some segments growing at a faster rate than others. For instance, it is anticipated that between 2021 and 2027, the worldwide market for digital English language learning would expand by around 22%.

One of the most common choices for people looking for a change of scenery is teaching overseas. There are opportunities worldwide, and the number of jobs available is steadily increasing. Teachers can have a unique experience of cultural immersion with contracts from one to five years offered by language schools and companies. Additionally, teach-abroad initiatives like RVF and BFITS link English teachers with educational institutions across the globe. These programmes give chances to work in various educational settings, help with legal papers, and streamline the application procedure. See the Highest Paying Countries for ESL Teachers for more information about English teachers.

There are three primary options for those who want to teach English online: working as a freelancer for online language agencies, offering tuition services through marketplaces, or starting your own business as a teacherpreneur.


5 Well-Paying Countries For Teaching English

Average Salary: $10,200


Average Salary: $3,000

To teach English in Thailand, you need a TEFL certificate, a bachelor’s degree, and native English proficiency.


Average Salary: $2,080

With its requirement of a TEFL certification and a bachelor’s degree, Malaysia offers opportunities for both experienced teachers and those seeking their first teaching position.


Average Salary:  $2,155

Owing to Maldives’s breathtaking natural beauty, serene island lifestyle, and high demand for English language skills in its tourism industry, it is one of the best places to teach English abroad.


Average Salary:  $3,200

Teaching English in Panama offers a high paying opportunity with an average monthly salary of $900-$1,300 USD. While a TEFL certificate is necessary, a degree isn’t mandatory.


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