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Beautiful Yet No Tourist Visits- The City Of Bern!


  • 8,836,006
  • 41,285 km²

The city of Bern, tucked away in Switzerland’s breathtaking scenery, subtly enthrals guests with its captivating charm and scenic splendour.

Bern is a hidden treasure sometimes eclipsed by its more well-known equivalents. Its attractions are comparable to those found in Europe’s most recognised capital cities.

There are many natural swimming areas in Bern, which provide visitors with a cool respite from the summer heat and are one of the city’s best-kept secrets.

The City Of Bern

The Aare River is ideal for a leisurely swim or a soothing river float because of its pristine waters and picturesque surrounds.

Bern has plenty of green areas that offer peaceful havens in the middle of the city’s activity.

Worldwide, flora is displayed in the city’s botanical gardens, including the well-known Bern Rose Garden.

The City Of Bern

Wandering through well-tended landscapes, visitors may take in panoramic views of the cityscape and distant Alps while marvelling at vivid blossoms and fragrant roses.

Rich in history, the UNESCO-listed Old Town of Bern, with its cobblestone alleys, mediaeval fountains, and exquisitely conserved buildings, radiates an allure of the old world.

The City Of Bern

Discover hidden treasures wherever you look as you meander through the maze-like passageways adorned with arcades and historic structures dating back hundreds of years.

Some sites that take tourists back to a bygone age of European splendour include the Federal Palace, Bern Cathedral, and the famous Zytglogge clock tower.

The culinary scene in Bern is a monument to the brilliance of Swiss cuisine, providing a wide variety of delectable dishes to entice the palate.

The city offers something for every taste, from inventive fusion food to classic Swiss fare like fondue and raclette.
Immerse yourself in Bern’s dynamic cultural environment as well. Many museums, galleries, and theatres showcase the city’s rich history and creative flair.

Kindly add Bern to your next destination. You’ll thank me you did.


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