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BUNAC: All It Takes To Work While Holidaying In New Zealand

Work in a vineyard, experience the high life as a ski lift attendant, or make waves as a barista. To work in New Zealand, you don’t need a bearded wizard or magic ring. All you need to live and work in New Zealand for up to 23 months is BUNAC’s Work New Zealand programme, which sets you up with the necessary visa, housing upon arrival, and employment assistance.

New Zealand

With a working holiday visa for New Zealand, you can work virtually anywhere in the nation and in any industry, providing you the flexibility to choose part-time work to finance your travels or full-time employment to further your career. working hard.

There is not enough time in life to figure out visa forms and tax file numbers. Packages from New Zealand relieve the burden of job hunting and immigration applications.

With this New Zealand working holiday visa, you can work anywhere and in any field. You can choose part-time work to finance your travels or full-time work to support your chosen profession. Jobs in this small nation can be competitive, particularly during the busiest times of year. BUNAC puts you in touch with companies that frequently hire workers for vacation jobs, ranging from labour and hospitality to fruit picking and ski seasons.

Travel to New Zealand is possible all year round. The high season runs from December to February. To accommodate the large number of visitors, seasonal jobs in hospitality and tourism are brought in at this time. By June, both islands’ resorts open in preparation for the ski season. Between jobs, the shoulder season (March to May and September to November) is an excellent time to travel because there are fewer campervans on the road and cheaper lodging options.

Eligibility for a New Zealand working holiday visa

  • Age requirements: 18 to 35 (inclusive) or 18 to 30 (included). Take a look at the Countries in the table below.
  • Must possess a current passport issued by a recognised nation or authority.
  • Must not have any dependent children with them.
  • Must enter New Zealand with $4,200 in assistance funding.

Your nationality will determine the minimum age and maximum duration you can apply for a working vacation visa.

  • Argentina- 12- month visa (ages 18 to 35)
  • Austrian 12-month visa (18–30 years old)
  • Belgium six-month visa (18–30 years old)
  • Brazil 12-month visa (18–30 years old)
  • Canada 12-month visa (18-35 years old) – 23-month
  • Chilean visa (18-35 years old)
  • China 12-month visa (18–30 years old)
  • Croatian visa valid for a year (18–30 years old)
  • Czech Republic 12-month visa (18–35 years old)
  • Denmark 12-month visa (18–30 years old)
  • 12-month visa to Estonia (18–30 years old)
  • Finland 12-month visa (18–35 years old)
  • A 12-month French visa (18–30 years old)
  • Germany 12-month visa (18–30 years old)
  • Hungary 12-month visa (18-35 years old)
  • Hong Kong 12-month visa (18–30 years old)
  • Ireland 12-month visa (18–30 years old)
  • Isreal 12-month visa(18-30 years old)
  • Italy (for those aged 18 to 30): a 12-month visa
  • Japan (for those aged 18 to 30): a 12-month visa
  • South Korea (ages 18 to 30) – 12-month visa
  • Latvia (ages 18 to 30): a 12-month visa
  • Lithuania (ages 18 to 30): a 12-month visa.

If you’re considering applying for a visa to New Zealand, I’d recommend this as an easy way!


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