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India2USA: B-1/B-2 Visiting Visas Now Modified

Are you arranging a vacation from India to the US? Particularly for B-1/B-2 visiting visa interview waivers, the US Embassy has expedited the visa application process. New Delhi is now the principal location for appointments. Significant modifications to appointment procedures, specifically with regard to B-1/B-2 interview waiver appointments in New Delhi, have been notified by the US Embassy in India in a recent update. The goal of this action is to expedite the nonimmigrant B-1/B-2 visiting visa processing procedure.

What are B-1/B-2?
Nonimmigrant visas designated as B-1/B-2 are meant for people who plan to temporarily stay in a country for designated reasons. However, both have different connotations; the B-2 visa is intended for trips and/or medical care, while the B-1 visa is intended for business-related visits, such as conferences or meetings.

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Candidates may also choose to go for both(B-1/B-2) in order to fulfil their demands for both business and pleasure travel.

Modifications to Procedure
Before, candidates may choose from a variety of places for their B-1/B-2 interview waiver appointments. But these appointments are now only held in New Delhi by the US Embassy. This consolidation is a component of an ongoing initiative to improve the processing time for visas.

How to Send in Applications
There are still five Procedure Centres where applicants can drop off their application forms for free. For an additional 850 rupees per application, individuals can choose to drop off their documents at any US Document Dropoff Centre located in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Cochin, Jalandhar, or Pune.

Reassurances from the Embassy
The Embassy promised qualified candidates that appointments for interview waivers would be easily obtained in New Delhi. However, there would only be a small number of interview waiver appointments available in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Mumbai for visitor visas as a result of this consolidation.

However, candidates do not have to worry because appointments are still available in New Delhi for those who qualify for the interview waiver procedure.

Less Interruption for Candidates
In response to queries regarding further journeys, or renewals, the Embassy made it clear that candidates won’t have to come to New Delhi unless they are ultimately determined to be unable to proceed with the interview waiver procedure.


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