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Where To Stay In Greece? 5 Of The Affordable Safe Hotels


  • 10.5 million
  • 78.9/km2 (204.4/sq mi)

Paros’s Summer Senses Luxury Resort
The Paros Escape

The 100 modern rooms at Summer Senses Luxury Resort, one of Paros’ more recent additions, range from luxurious hideouts to suites with private pools. Among the five-star amenities are two sizable outdoor pools, a spa, and a fitness facility. Fine dining options include a partnership with the Michelin-starred Hytra restaurant in Athens. Three minutes’ walk will take you to the sandy sections of Punda Beach, which are home to bars, DJs, and pool parties. In less than thirty minutes, one may drive to Parikia, the bustling centre of the island, from some of the most stunning Cycladic settlements nearby.

Pnoé, Crète

The hideaway for adults only

Pnoé, which translates to “breath” in Greek, is a chic, fly-and-flop adults-only designer beach resort with a focus on wellness and a laid-back, private-club atmosphere. This first-ever hotel design, which is only 10 minutes from the Heraklion airport, offers a charming allusion to the spectacular Minoan architecture that is famous in Cretan history while maintaining an edgy sharpness. With sixty private pool apartments accessible from a central courtyard with an almond-shaped pool at its centre, the open-plan architecture offers all-day sunlight.

Zeen F, Kefalonia

A modest yet luxurious island hideaway where wellbeing is prioritised

owned by a family F Zeen is an earthy and sophisticated adult-only resort that does a fantastic job of highlighting its dramatic location. Livathos is a small seaside town with pastel-colored houses lining a bay. The hotel is spread out along the steep and verdant hillsides of Livathos, with natural stone villas and sun-bleached terraces with rustic tables and pools overlooking the Ionian Sea and the crimson streaks cast across it at sunset. The refuge’s organic, health-focused philosophy is apparent in every facet.

Mykonos Luxury Resort

Located recently in Mykonos, this chic location with views to die for is tucked away on the quaint western bay’s steep hillside. Swim up to the private pool that leads to the guestrooms, or take a quick swim in the rooftop infinity pool that features floating sunbeds and a sunken bar. The 59 suites include clean white linen, walk-in rain showers in hammas, and terraces where guests may enjoy sundowners while taking in the sea view. The furnishings are sleek and white with light marble flooring. Here, stylish partygoers and couples alike are searching for a tranquil retreat. The staff is kind, mindful, and familiar with each visitor by name; they will not forget your morning coffee preferences.

Kos Oku

A cool, carefree summertime gathering

It’s hard to achieve true relaxation, but it’s almost hard to resist succumbing to the laid-back atmosphere that greets you as soon as you walk into Oku’s open welcome. Oku, who draws inspiration from the laid-back Greek lifestyle, effortlessly accomplishes his goal of merging local culture with leisure. The hotel feels more like twenty rooms than its hundred; the grounds are incredibly secluded, the whitewashed Greek-style structures blending in perfectly with the open scenery. In addition to bigger villas with roof terraces and views of the sea, guests can select rooms with semi-private or private pools (shared with two other rooms, but surprisingly intimate). The showers deserve special recognition because they are among the nicest I’ve used in a long time.


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