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Cheapest Colleges In Europe You Need To Explore

Everyone, old or young wants to explore the World through so many opportunities. Studying has recently taken the top as the most explored way to see the world and the many traditions. Now its important to have the most affordable of these colleges which offer such amazing opportunities. Europe is that continent filled many of these cheap yet well established Colleges.

University of Göttingen

This amazing University is in Germany. Both EU and non-EU students are required to pay the same £650 in tuition fees and should budget around almost the same thing on living expenses. This university has programs in humanities, natural sciences, law, and social sciences some of which are in English! It’s also home to one of the largest libraries in all of Germany. 

University Of Berlin

The tuition at the Free University of Berlin is, you guessed it, free! You’ll be responsible for living costs such as rent and feeding alone.

Cheapest Colleges In Europe You Need To Explore

Nantes University

Study abroad opportunities are available at Nantes University if you feel that France is calling your name. Nantes University only levies a nominal fee.

Nord University

International students can attend Norway’s publicly financed Nord University without having to break the bank. You have to show that you can support yourself for the duration of stay.

Vienna University

Another excellent location for affordable institutions in Europe is Vienna, Austria. The sole cost to attend the University of Vienna is a tiny processing charge of about 730 euros, or about $815, every semester. There are about 200 programmes available, and several of them also include English instruction. This university is among the oldest in the world and has a rich history, having been founded in 1365. Vienna, a city well-known for its nightlife and culture, would be the ideal location for your study abroad experience.

University of Paris Sud

The greatest institutions in Europe offering free tuition to overseas students! One of the least expensive institutions in Europe is University of Paris-Sud, which only charges a nominal processing fee of about €170 (~$190) every semester. They provide science and language, physics, economics, and management courses taught in English.

University of Crete

There are no tuition prices for EU students at any public institution in Greece, and there are also no tuition fees for foreign students at the institution of Crete. Philosophy, education, social sciences, medicine, and science and engineering are the primary programmes offered here. Greece is the home of philosophy, therefore you may be studying it there! This institution has a sizable international English-speaking student body, but all classes are delivered in Greek.

University of Wurzburg

German language ability is required to enrol in the final German university on our list. Having said that, a small number of courses are offered to overseas students in English. They offer majors in politics, astronomy, molecular and computational biology, and cultural and music studies. With only a little administrative fee of about 130 euros, or about $145, every semester, the University of Würzburg is extremely economical and desirable for students looking to study abroad.


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