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Mabel Fatokun

E-Visa: What Am I Missing In Egypt’s Visa Processing?


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A typical visa at the Egyptian embassy may take 15 to 30 working days to process, depending on a variety of variables including the volume of applications received, the application process followed by the embassy, and the potential for missing paperwork or other criteria.

Visa applications may take longer to be processed by some embassies than by others. It is advised to submit your application several weeks in advance of the date you want to go in order to ensure that the visa is ready and prevent delays. Furthermore, requesting more documents or submitting inadequate documents could cause the processing process to take longer.

Egypt visas come in a variety of forms, and each has a unique processing time. Other visas take longer, but the e-visa is the fastest since it may be completed online in three days or fewer. We recommend applying for an e-visa instead if you are visiting Egypt as a tourist and intend to stay for a few days or weeks. Later in this post, we will go over the details of the e-Visa.


In 2017, the Egyptian government announced the e-Visa, an electronic visa designed to expedite the application procedure for visitors to the nation. Instead of having to wait in queue at the embassy in their home countries to apply for a tourist visa, candidates can apply online for an e-visa and have it approved in a matter of days. Due to their expedited approval times and lack of physical document requirements, e-visas have become increasingly common.

With your smartphone, you may use the comforts of home to submit your application online. At the moment, nationals of 74 different nations can apply for an e-visa, allowing them to spend a maximum of one month in Egypt. E-visas come in two varieties:

The 90-day single entrance e-visa and the 180-day numerous-entry e-visa are the two numerous kinds of e-visas. Both are offered online, and for a thirty-day holders can take in all of Egypt’s sights and sounds.

Whilst it usually takes five days to obtain an e-visa, we advise sending the paperwork at least seven days in advance of your anticipated travel date.

On Arrival

There is more than one quick-fix visa available for tourists and transient visitors; in addition to the e-visa, there is the visa on arrival. For travellers from specific nations who wish to enter Egypt, there is a unique type of visa called a “visa on arrival” that can be obtained at the airport.

Visa on arrival has less drawbacks than e-visas, the main being that travellers must wait in queue at the airport to obtain them, which could take longer. The process just consists of one step, and the documentation is not too onerous.

How much time does the process take then? Based on the number of people in line, takes few minutes.

The most effective period to apply for a visa varies on which type of visa being sought. Applications for e-visas must be received at least seven days in advance of the intended trip, whereas those for regular visas should be presented at least three weeks in advance. Applying for an electronic visa in advance of that you to Egypt will help you prevent waiting in queue at the airport because visas have no set arrival time.


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