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Mabel Fatokun

POV: Ramadan In Egypt


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I got to Egypt on 1st of November 2023 and I have loads of beautiful stuffs I would love to share with you right now but I decided to just write on the ‘often spoken’ well-lit period of Ramadan in Egypt.

I have had many accounts from writers rating Ramadan in egypt as the most revered compared to other African nations. And to my chagrin it could just be as described.

Ramadan, incase you dont know is that season when the number of meals a day is reduced to two for the muslims. The first meal is called “iftar,” which is the meal served right after sunset to break the fast. The “sohour” meal, which is the second meal, can be eaten whenever is most convenient, however it is typically eaten right before dawn. Between “iftar” and “sohour,” people are free to consume large amounts of food and beverages.

When the sun sets and the fast is broken, the city comes alive with a variety of events in the malls, hotels, and theme tents dedicated to Ramadan, complete with nightly folklore performances. It’s also a pleasure to sit in one of the cafes along the Nile, where delicious food and light entertainment are provided.

"The picture of muslims having Iftar in a restaurant during Ramadan in Egypt "

During the holy month of Ramadan, Egypt experiences a unique blend of lit mosques, open shops, streets decorated in Ramadan themes, and customary food displays in shops, showcasing the country’s unique flavor.

Muslims donate food and cash to the underprivileged and travellers during the holy month of Ramadan.
Food comes from a variety of sources, such as foundations, restaurants, and affluent people.

The month of Ramadan is enchanted, with enigmatic traditions that frequently have no religious significance. The Ramadan Lantern, also known as Fanoos Ramadan, is a prominent sight during the month, with colourful lanterns exhibited in stores. People purchase lanterns to adorn their homes as the month draws near, while kids anticipate playing and singing Ramadan songs. Popular music-playing plastic or recycled tin cans are frequently used to make these lanterns.

"An image of a Golden lamp lit during Ramadan "

A whole lot change during Fasting till Ramadan in Cairo and in the whole of Egypt. The working hours of offices and establishments become way lighter compared to non fasting period whereas you have heavy traffic from 3pm as people troop back home to ne on time for Iftar.

The only places where foreigners can get alcohol service are hotel restaurants and bars (show them your passport). This also applies to low-cost lodging establishments.

There’s no “Islamic guilt” because there are always a lot of foreigners and Nationals enjoying it (remember, Egyptians are infatuated with visitors and want them to have a good time).

However as tourists, watch how you dress during ramadan in Egypt. Simply avoid miniskirts, booty shorts, and crop tops if you’re in Cairo rather than an Egyptian beach resort. This advice also applies outside of Ramadan.

The most astonishing thing that marks Ramadan as distinct in Egypt is the TV sector that is always at its peak during this perod. Because Ramadan is a time for parties and everyone enjoys entertainment, new TV shows, soap operas, and series are released enmass at this time of the year. Sometimes there could be over 70 series! So, yes, choosing what to watch becomes difficult.

"A mosaic showing a pair of praying hands and 3 golden lamps "

In all of these jamborees, the Muslims never forget one thing – Muslims fast in order to worship and serve God. It also teaches self-discipline and how to be grateful for life’s small pleasures.


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