Mabel Fatokun

JAPA DIARY: What Is Your Story Or The Glory

Japa (simply “relocation to Foreign Lands) is not restricted to the average or underprivileged group as it already is. In actuality, most Africans in Japa’s vision are wealthy or somewhat well-off. They are already successful in their countries and able to weather the “hard times,” which translates to them being even more comfortable homeowners with one or more side gigs that supplement their income.

In fact, the people most affected by this Japa syndrome are the so-called comfortable individuals. This begs the question, “What, then, are the attractions outside their home countries “.

The funny thing about ‘Japa’, as Nigerians fondly call it, is that it’s not a respecter of social status, certificates, or even money. Once you decide to put your house in order and relocate, you will become a nobody in the new world. You rely solely on luck and mostly on God for those who believe there is one.

There had been good, bad, and ugly stories of Relocation. Some have lost lives, properties, relationships, and more, all in the name of Looking for greener pastures (Japa), and yet, the number of Immigrants in Foreign Countries keeps mounting.

Sadness and Joys are the main ingredients of this process. One might be favoured, and the other belaboured. It’s all dependent on how the card life deals with you.

This story resonates with me out of all the ones I have been privy to. It is very sad, yet not so bad.

Demilade Adegboyega, a successful fish farmer, was considering resigning and expanding his business. He also wished His wife joined his company at this crucial period. The wife, however, influenced by social media, pushed him to relocate her with the kids to the UK instead.

Eventually, with the help of his abroad-based customers, Demilade arranged for her to travel alone with the kids. After a while, when she settled, she continued to nag about him joining her and the children. At an auction, Demilade sold his business, car, and belongings, leaving him lost in Property and painfully happiness. He set out to join his family.

Upon arriving at Gatwick Airport, Demilade was surprised to find his wife had given him and his children’s passports in exchange for a divorce letter. His friends reported that his wife had taken custody of her children in the UK and assured them of taking good care of them.

DemilAde was hospitalized, but friends offered him moral and financial support. With the help of his friends, Ade sued his wife and asked for custody of the children.

This situation highlights the challenges faced by those leaving their Countries to another. This is a lighter, sordid story. Many have lost their lives just like Demilade almost did here. This list of recounts can go on and on..

Now, this platform is a storytelling Avenue. We want to make others see better, act better and achieve better… The Community is to help us learn from the mistakes surrounding Japa processes. We lean on the shoulders of those who have gone on a certain path, and we know from their bruises. Also, we celebrate successful stories, and we tailor guidelines in this regard to help aspiring individuals.

Isn’t this amazing!? Exactly.

So, send in your stories and thoughts. Keep them streaming in. Help someone make the right decisions today about their Relocation plans. Your experience is all we Need!


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