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Affordable Procedures In Malaysia For Medical Tourists


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  • 330,803 km²

Modern, state-of-the-art private clinics and centres with various inpatient, outpatient, and therapy treatments are available in Malaysia. Choose a nearby hospital to treat you and accept people from abroad if you require medical attention. Most private healthcare institutions have websites with listings of treatments, services, contact information, and prerequisites.

After you have decided on a medical centre with the right protocols, plan your trip and address any concerns about the required length of time in the hospital, paperwork, treatment, and payment. Foreign patients must also get an eVisa or electronic medical visa to receive medical care nationwide. To be considered for the programme, you must fulfil specific prerequisites, schedule a visit to a hospital affiliated with the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council, and submit an invitation letter.

You should arrange your health insurance in advance and select a reputable plan that will be accepted nationwide, pay for your medical needs, and shield you from any potential threats.

The following centres rank among the greatest in the nation right now based on a variety of ratings:

  • Institute Jantung Negara National Heart Institute, Penang Adventist Hospital, Twin Towers Medical Centre and International Specialist Eye Centre (ISEC).
  • A visa for medical purposes;
  • All required medical records, test results certifications, medical history, physician applications, and recommendations;
  • An invitation and verification of the necessity for evaluation or treatment from a Malaysian medical facility;
  • Health insurance.

With a medical visa, you are permitted a maximum 30-day stay in the nation. If long-term medical care is anticipated, the visa time may be extended with proper documentation. Access to all treatments, operations, and exams is only possible with a visa in private hospitals. In this instance, people from other countries cannot use public healthcare services.

To apply for a medical visa in Malaysia, applicants need a valid passport, a copy of their passport details, a passport colour photograph, a tracking page to check previous Passports, confirmation of medical admission, and health insurance.

Private hospitals and medical centres in Malaysia offer quality care and a wide range of procedures and services.

These include, but are not limited to, endocrinology, dentistry, gastroenterology, general surgery, medical examinations, obstetrics and gynaecology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, paediatrics, urology, and platelet and reconstructive surgery.

The nation’s healthcare cost is thought to be substantially lower than in many of its western and bordering countries. For instance, in Malaysia, the average coronary artery bypass operation costs only $6,000 to $7,000. On average, Plastic surgery costs between $900 and $5,000, but comparable procedures in the UK cost between 40% and 50% more. Local hospitals also provide much cheaper dental treatments. Cost differences (compared to European clinics) might range from 40 to 80 per cent.


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