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Do You Want To Become A Malaysian By Migration? Here You Go


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In Malaysia, a long-term residency permit can be obtained in one of three ways:

1. The initiative “Malaysia My Second Home” is for investors

To be eligible for this programme, a foreign national must verify that they have financial assets worth at least $350,000 and that they make more than $10,000 per month. The next step is to create a deposit bank account with a national bank with a minimum balance of $235,00, plus an additional $12,000 for each dependent family member. Then, they must get a physical examination at a national facility and buy a health insurance plan from an authorised provider.

The visa is granted for ten years with the option to extend. The investor can travel with his family and a vehicle free of taxes and fees. In the nation, it is legal to buy real estate.

You are not permitted to work in the nation without an investment certificate.

2. For specialists or notable citizens.

The appropriate Malaysian government body must verify this kind of migration. A certificate of criminal history from the nation of origin is also given. Having at least three years of work experience in a Malaysian firm will benefit.

Do You Want To Become A Malaysian By Migration

3. For Malaysian residents’ wives and children (up to age six), who in turn serve as their sponsors.

Obtaining a residency permit is not certain, even if all requirements are met. In the nation, there is a point system that gives you one point for each pertinent thing. Foreign applicants whose scores fall below 65 will not have their applications reviewed. To anyone it may concern, kindly seek a legal advisor.

In order to acquire a visa, you have to apply in person to the nation, submitting an application along with a motivation letter, and passing an interview at the Migration Department. Usually, a resident of the country who serves as your sponsor is invited to the interview. Processing your paperwork will only cost you MYR 40 up advance.

You cannot participate in political parties or cast a ballot in elections with a permanent residency certificate. The government has the right to remove residency status whenever it sees fit.

What is the process to become a citizen?

100% of children born to Malaysian parents are issued a passport. If a Malaysian mother gives birth to a child outside the nation, the kid will be granted the citizenship of a foreign father. Union of a foreign woman with a Malaysian. Provided he served as a sponsor, they shared a five-year flat together. It also requires proof of linguistic ability. Foreign males who marry Malaysian women are not eligible to petition for citizenship.

By way of naturalisation. You must have spent ten of the past twelve years in the nation, including the twelve months leading up to the application. Part III of the Constitution establishes certain provisions. You have to speak and understand Malaysian.

The Migration Service requires a passport, entry permit, health insurance confirmation, biography, birth and marriage certificates, net worth, income statement, bank statement, criminal record, medical certificate, health insurance, real estate purchase evidence, power of attorney, employment certificate, passport, cover letter, and two Malaysian references.

Dual citizenship is not allowed in Putrajaya, and citizenship applications are processed annually. Speeding up the process can be achieved by writing to the NRD.


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