Overcrowded Holiday
Mabel Fatokun

OverTourism: You May Want To Avoid These Overcrowded Holiday Destinations

Overtourism has recently been a problem for some of Europe’s most popular vacation spots.

Europe experiences overcrowding during peak holiday season, with Italy’s Dubrovnik being the world’s most overcrowded tourist destination. Barcelona has increased tourist taxes to reduce numbers, while other top destinations also experience overcrowding.

Italy’s Positano
Though Positano is one of the most picturesque coastal towns on the Amalfi Coast, still we feel that the vibe there was far too “hectic.”


The narrow streets were packed shoulder to shoulder with other tourists, but it was undeniably beautiful with its colourful buildings and seaside views, the prices were inflated for tourists, and the atmosphere felt more hectic than idyllic.” I felt as though I had never had the opportunity to see beyond the chaotic surface of Positano.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam faces overtourism issues, with stag parties and crowded streets. Paris, a popular European destination, has experienced disappointment with overcrowded museums and difficult restaurant reservations. Tourist tolerance was stretched at Paris’s crowded boulevards and the never-ending lines at tourist destinations like the Louvre and Eiffel Tower.

Greece’s Mykonos

The imagined assumption is that it would be a tranquil haven on a Greek island. Despite its amazing beauty, it was dense, and your thought would be that drunken tourists and party animals overwhelmed it. The beaches were noisy, and the restaurants were extremely pricey.


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