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Ranging From Science To Politics: Women From This Country Break Out To Break Norms.


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Nigeria has been rated as the “Giant of Africa,” even though some still doubt whether this appellation truly suits her.

Breaking out to Break the Norms isn’t what women from any African Country would dare. However, women from Nigeria stand out in almost every sphere of society. They are like Dobermans: They never leave the skin until a chunk of flesh comes falling. This implies they are tenacious and dogged.

After examining many research studies and findings, we discovered that women from this part of Africa are taking the lead in almost all ramifications. You thinking about Science and Technology, Medicine, Education, Politics, Entrepreneurship or even Engineering, these gender have struck some chords that the World couldn’t but gratify.

Let Us Look at some Facts Together :


Every child from the suburbs in Nigeria grows up having to survive no matter what it takes. Girls from most families believe that they must develop skills that can be applied in life in exchange for money. What am I saying? Every woman in Nigeria is an entrepreneur at heart, right from the cradle.

A recent report from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor reveals that the highest number of Female Entrepreneurs in the world is from Nigeria. Yes, you read right! Nigerian women are boldly taking up their space in business.


Nigerian Women are not just in business but are also attested to as highly Educated globally. In a society that tends to traditionally limit women to the backspace, the female gender of this Country has found a way to break this norm.


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is one of the many notable Women Writers from Nigeria. These women are in charge of the literary world, creating narratives that resonate with people and events around the globe.


Nigerian Women are also making their mark in this regard. In Africa, the highest number of Female Parliamentarians goes to no other than this Giant of Africa. Women from this part of Africa cannot be sidelined in Politics.


Do you know that the first Female to win a Gold medal at the Olympics was from Nigeria? I could bet you had no idea.

Medical Milestones

To further solidify that Nigeria is the powerhouse of these trailblazers, let me reveal that the first female neurosurgeon in the sub-Saharan region was from this beloved country.

First Woman to Drive A Car

That up there sounded like a small, insignificant feat today. But at that time, when women were meant to stay at home and out of sight, driving a car was undoubtedly a Revolutionary act. The first woman to perform this major stunt was a Nigerian. Yes! The first Female to turn the Wheel of a car in Africa was Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti.


Above all, the most surprising of these facts is that Nigeria is the home of the Richest Black Woman in the World, Alakija Folorunsho. With a wealth of over 1 billion dollars, she surpassed even Oprah Winfrey in 2014 as the wealthiest black woman in the World.

In Summary, Nigerian Women are beacons of Resilience, Innovation and Strength. The Giant of Africa is a mother to the most formidable women from the Continent. This is a country to reckon with, after all.


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