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Romanian Transit Visa Takes A New Turn

New transit visa requirements for visitors from 12 countries have been brought about by Romania’s entry into the Schengen Area. This article describes who is exempted from needing a visa, who does, and how to make sure your trip through Romania goes smoothly.

A Schengen Transit Visa is now necessary for visitors passing through Romania on their way to nations outside of the Schengen Area. These new rules are a result of Romania signing up finally as part of Schengen countries. This took effect on March 31, 2024.

Who Must Obtain a Transit Visa?
The following nations’ nationals will require a Transit laissez passer to enter Romania, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania:

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  1. Afghanistan
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Democratic Republic of Congo
  4. Eritrea
  5. Ethiopia
  6. Ghana
  7. Iran
  8. Iraq
  9. Nigeria
  10. Pakistan
  11. Somalia
  12. Sri Lanka

A Romanian transit visa (type B) allows visitors from non-Schengen nations to enter the country and exit before a 5day expiration. This type of visa can be used for one, two, or more journeys.

You must have a confirmed onward ticket and documentation of a valid visa for your intended destination in order to apply. When driving, you’ll also need a green card, or international insurance certificate, which lists your name, the country you’re going to be visiting, and any nations you want to pass through. You’ll also need the registration of your car and your driving licence.

Modifications to Transit Visa Qualifications
Previously able to pass through Romanian airports without a visa, travellers from the aforementioned nations are now required to obtain a transit visa. For stopovers or transfers during foreign flights that go via Romania, this visa is required.

Additionally, you are not permitted to use an airport transit visa if your itinerary includes connecting flights across several Schengen countries. Instead, as these connecting flights are regarded as “internal” within the Schengen zone, apply for a regular Schengen visa (type C).

Exemptions from the Transit Visa for Romania
Although passport holders from the 12 aforementioned need permits to get into Romania, there are several exceptions:

  1. Holders of Schengen Visas: Visitors who possess a long-stay Schengen visa, a Schengen short-term visa, or a residence permit issued by another Schengen Member State are not required to get a transit visa in order to enter Romania.
  2. Particular Citizenships: Nationals of third countries who possess valid residence permits from Andorra, Canada, Japan, San Marino, the United States of America, or certain regions of the Kingdom of the Netherlands are not required to obtain a transit visa.
  3. Flight Crew Members: Without a specific visa, citizens of nations that have ratified the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation are also allowed into the country in the capacity of flight crew members.

Before making your arrangements, be sure you have the required visa paperwork. For information on processes and costs, get in touch with the closest Romanian embassy or consulate if your country is on the list and you need a transit visa.
You may make sure that your trip through Romania is easy and hassle-free by being aware of these new rules.


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