"A sculpted head called chokwe mask in Burundi "
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Vibrant Culture With Superb Landscapes Drove Me To Burundi


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Burundi, located in the centre of Africa, entices tourists with its wild scenery, colourful customs, and tenacious nature. Burundi, which its less fortunate neighbours sometimes overshadow, provides a distinctive vacation experience for those looking for adventure and authenticity. Burundi promises an amazing experience, whether you prefer the exhilaration of hiking through lushness. Rusting through the pages of my well-worn travel journal, I step back in time and relive the thrilling journey that was Burundi. Landlocked and tucked away in the lush embrace of Central Africa, Burundi has never really been on my travel radar. However, an accidental meeting with an experienced traveller sparked my interest, whispering tales of wild terrain, fascinating cultures, and a resilient spirit that throbbed beneath the surface. I was so intrigued that I set out on a voyage that would change the way I thought about travelling off the usual route. The geographical diversity of Burundi is breathtaking. The country’s emerald heart, which is home to an astounding variety of exotic flora and fauna. The sound of bright birds fluttering amongst the trees fills the air as chimpanzees swing through the dense canopy. Walking through these lush preserves was like walking into a real-life postcard, with the natural world ruling supreme.

A Dramatic shift in scenery awaited me as I ventured towards the imposing Ruvubu National Park. Rugged mountains etched the horizon, their peaks cloaked in a mystical mist. Guided by experienced park rangers, I traversed lush valleys dotted with glistening waterfalls and embarked on treacherous yet exhilarating hikes that rewarded me with breathtaking panoramic views. Burundi’s landscapes are a symphony of contrasts, each turn revealing a new facet of its beauty.

Burundi’s Cultural Treasures

Burundi: crafted statues as Burundi's safaris souvenirs

Burundi’s unique culture is what really makes the country, even beyond its breathtaking landscapes. Every hamlet I visited greeted me with warm grins. The air was filled with the pulsating energy of ceremonial drums, their rhythmic beats beckoning me to immerse myself in the local customs. I saw elaborate dance performances, with their colourful costumes and coordinated moves demonstrating a strong ancestry link.


One of the most enriching experiences was spending time with a local family. We shared stories and laughter over steaming cups of strong, aromatic Burundian coffee, transcending language barriers through the universal human connection. Their hospitality and genuine warmth left a lasting impression, reminding me of the human spirit’s resilience in adversity.

Burundi’s History

Burundi’s fascinating museums and historic sites showcase the country’s rich historical thread. At the National Museum of Gitega, I explored the intriguing history of the Kingdom of Burundi, marvelling at elaborate royal drums and objects that seemed to tell stories of a bygone era humbly. Among the magnificent Mwimba Royal Tombs, I was struck with awe for the country’s rich cultural legacy. These historical sites stand as active reminders of the Burundian people’s resilient character.

Unfiltered Beauty of Burundi

Burundi offers a unique travel experience for those seeking to venture beyond the typical tourist trail. The roads may be less travelled, the amenities more basic, but the authenticity of the experience is unparalleled. I embraced the opportunity to connect with local communities, learn about their traditional crafts, and sample their delicious cuisine. Burundi may not be a destination for luxury resorts, but it offers a profound connection with a resilient culture and breathtaking natural beauty.

Burundi’s natural beauty is a haven. Hike through the verdant Kibira National Park, a biodiversity hotspot teeming with:

  • Biodiversity hotspot teeming with primates, colourful birds, and many flora and fauna. Spot graceful chimpanzees swinging through the canopy or witness troops of playful monkeys frolicking amongst the trees. For the truly adventurous, embark on a guided chimpanzee tracking experience, venturing deep into the heart of the rainforest for an unforgettable encounter with these intelligent primates.
  • Ruvubu National Park offers a dramatically different landscape. Here, rugged mountains pierce the sky, their slopes carpeted with lush vegetation. Lace up your hiking boots and conquer challenging trails, rewarding yourself with breathtaking panoramic views that stretch as far as the eye can see. Keep an eye out for antelopes grazing peacefully in the valleys below, or spot elusive birds of prey offering a challenging yet rewarding wilderness experience.
  • Lake Tanganyika, one of the world’s deepest freshwater lakes, forms Burundi’s western border. Spend a leisurely afternoon basking on the pristine shores, or embark on a kayaking adventure across the crystal-clear waters. For the more adventurous, scuba diving and snorkelling opportunities reveal a teeming underwater world. Lake Tanganyika is a haven for aquatic life, home to a diverse array of fish species, some endemic to the lake. A boat trip at sunset offers a magical experience, with the fiery hues of the sky reflected on the water’s surface, creating an unforgettable spectacle.
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Sophisticated tourists are largely drawn to Burundi by its fascinating culture. Take in the colourful excitement of the customary drumming rituals. The air is charged with rhythmic beats that evoke a sense of community spirit and ancestry. Watch accomplished dancers wearing vibrant costumes execute complex routines that have been handed down through the years. These cultural manifestations provide a window into the heart of Burundi, a country rich in historical customs.

Local Communities and Traditions

Burundi offers a unique opportunity to connect with local communities and experience their way of life. Visit a local market, bustling with activity as vendors display their handcrafted wares and fresh produce. Engage in friendly conversation (learning a few basic phrases in Kirundi, the local language, goes a long way!) and discover the warm hospitality that is a hallmark of the Burundian people. Be invited to share a traditional meal in a local home, savouring the flavours of Burundian cuisine, prepared with fresh, local ingredients. These authentic experiences create a deeper understanding of Burundian culture and forge lasting memories.

Delve into the Kingdom of Burundi’s past at the National Museum of Gitega. Here, intricate royal drums, once used for communication and ceremonies, stand as silent sentinels of a bygone era. Admire exquisitely crafted artefacts that tell stories of powerful kings and a rich cultural heritage.

Standing amidst the impressive Mwimba Royal Tombs, feel a sense of reverence for the nation’s ancestral spirits. These awe-inspiring structures serve as powerful reminders of the enduring legacy of the Burundian people. These historical landmarks offers a window into the past, providing a deeper appreciation for the traditions of Burundi.


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