Travels And The Benefits To The Soul
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Many see Travel as a form of Entertainment and fun; some say it’s just for Relaxation, a holiday, or a Respite. The majority, however, see it as a way to show off a bit of Self-worth, insinuating that the list of countries you have been to determines the kind of dough you could throw around without sweating. According to this set of believers, Traveling gives an idea of how deep your pocket is. Conversely, a handful dare say only Business Moguls tour worldwide to get good deals.

Whichever school of thought you believe in or however you see travelling to be, I am about to open you to the inherent benefits. You wouldn’t know what it does to the soul until now.

Fox, an 89-year-old woman, shared a bit of what 60 years of touring the Globe has done to her.

Travels And The Benefits To The Soul

In January 1956, it all began with a broken engagement and a broken heart. Joy Fox, who was 20 years old and resided in the little English riverside town of Wivenhoe, started thinking about the world outside of her community at that point.

Fox had never travelled and came from a poor background, having experienced a difficult upbringing during World War II. However, she remembered her mother’s tales of her travels to Egypt, China, and India while travelling with Fox’s father, a Royal Scots pipe major. Alan, Fox’s elder brother, had frequently discussed his visits to Venice and the city’s splendour. Inspired by those tidbits of wisdom, Fox—brokenhearted over a past love—decided it was her time. She used the money from selling her engagement ring to start her lifetime dream of seeing the world.

“I have no clue how I got myself from that village to Dover and onto the ferry,” Fox replied. “However, I travelled to Italy by rail via France and Switzerland. And it was how being away from home felt for the first time.”

Even at 89 years old, Fox is still going strong. She is still travelling the world with the same joy and zeal she had when she was twenty. Fox was just awarded the JourneyWoman Evelyn Hannon Award for Solo Travel for her unwavering spirit of exploration. During that initial adventure, Fox had a happy two weeks touring Italy, which gave her courage and inspiration. While travelling, she met an Italian who gave her a tour of the nation’s top attractions; they visited Portofino, Rapallo, Milan, and other places.

Till now Joy Fox travels, she has got the bug in her even at 90 and she cant shake it off, Why? Because

  • Trav​​eling Helps You See the World in a Whole New Way
  • Traveling opens You To new Business Insights
  • It Allows You to Explore Other Cultures
  • Traveling Pushes You to Live in the Present
  • It helps to Renew Your Relationships
  • Traveling Pushes You Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • Travelling Is Educational, and You sure will learn new things
Travels And The Benefits To The Soul
  • Traveling Helps You Relax (I guess you already know that)
  • Traveling Allows You to Make New Friends
  • It works Wonders on Your Mental and Physical Health
  • Re-liveable Memories Are bound to be Created
  • Travelling Broadens Your Vocabulary- you learn more languages
  • Travelling fine-tunes your Planning skills

Source: Joy Fox


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