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20 Exciting Facts About Brunei


  • 452,524
  • 5,765 km²

Brunei is regarded as a “developed” Country that keeps growing because of its enormous oil resources. In 2018, Brunei’s public debt accounted for 2.4% of its GDP, while the US Federal debt as of 2018 was equal to 80% of GDP.

What You Dont Know About This Asian Nation:

  • Except for Singapore, Brunei received a higher ranking (43) on the Human Development Index in 2018 than any other Southeast Asian nation.
  • Brunei is thought to be Southeast Asia’s most devout Muslim country. The nation is full of stunning mosques, which welcome visitors in appropriate attire outside prayer times.
  • Shell’s oil is primarily sourced from Brunei’s offshore drilling platforms.
  • The citizens receive free education and medical services.
  • Brunei has one of the highest obesity rates in Southeast Asia, with 51% of schoolchildren overweight or obese.
  • The literacy rate is 97.2%. This means that education is considered a necessity in this Abode of Peace.
  • Brunei, a small island nation, has a history of varying laws and punishments. In 2014, homosexuality was made a crime punishable by ten years in prison, and in 2019, death by stoning was announced.
  • Caning remains a method of punishment. Please beware, as Overstay in Brunei is punishable by Caning.
  • Alcohol is illegal in Brunei, but non-Muslims can bring up to two litres.
  • The Japanese attacked and occupied the island eight days after Pearl Harbor.
  • Brunei, a part of Malaysia, has a high car ownership rate, with one car per 1.5 people in 2017.
  • Despite being formed in 1963, Brunei gained independence from Great Britain in 1984.
  • The Sultan of Brunei holds an honorary commission in the UK’s Royal Air Force and Navy. He serves as Defense Minister, Prime Minister, Finance Minister, and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
  • The currency used in Brunei is the Brunei dollar (BND).
  • Despite its stunning coast, Brunei’s capital, Bandar Seri Begawan, is the primary destination for travellers. The country’s excellent infrastructure and low fuel prices make local buses and taxis the most cost-effective mode of transportation.
  • For travellers between Sarawak and Sabah in Malaysia, Brunei serves as a temporary stopover; Labuan Island provides an alternate route. The final large town before entering Brunei is Miri in Sarawak.
  • In Brunei, Islam is recognised as a religion. 79% of respondents identify as Muslims, 9% as Christians, 8% as Buddhists, and 5% as others.
  • Brunei’s official language is Malay, but it is not the same as Bahasa Malay, which is spoken in Malaysia. English and Chinese are widely spoken, but English is widely understood for business.
  • This Southeast Asian nation is known for its high standard of living and longer life expectancy (which was rated at average 75.93 years as of 2020), hence, the appellation “abode of peace.”
  • Lastly, note that the Telephone Country Code is 673.


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